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4 applications to sell and to service over distance.

Without software download. From the native browser. High security.
Video in the cloud for customer service, support and sales.
Attended By Humans

Your website visitors meet you live on your website

Cloud-based video tools for Customer Support, Online Sales, Selection and Recruitment. Without the need of software. With aligned eye-contact. From your own website, without having to change it.
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The Services Factory

Video-automation, self-service and live communication lead to breakthrough results.

Generate and deliver your services through the Factory-in-the-Cloud. At the lowest possible cost.
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The Beehive

Video meetings from your own website. One line of code suffices. No one needs to download software.

For all your internal and external meetings with own staff, customers, suppliers, applicants, etc...
One-to-one and with many. Full data collaboration
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Communicate fluently in any other language

You see the other person speaking his own language,but you will hear him speak yours. You speak your mother tongue, but the remote person hears his language while he sees you.
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Fully automatic, personal service to your customers

Without human involvement.
Looks and interacts like a real person.

The Omni-Agent ™
Human Avatar

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Look your customer straight into the eyes.
For true personal contact and best customer experience.

No aligned eye contact
No aligned eye contact
Aligned eye contact
Aligned eye contact

Appear 'physically present'
in a remote location.

  • Attend Service-Points over distance.
  • Your customers experience to be in the same room with you.
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