Meet your website visitors face-to-face.
Exactly at the right time.

Add video-chats and video-self-service to your website. Overnight.

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What it does for you?

It integrates live video-interaction into your business processes. Including data-collaboration and co-browsing. Dynamic routing to the most suitable person ensures best user experience.

The Human Avatarâ„¢ interacts automatically with your website visitors, provides relevant information and captures their contact details: 24/7.

All this increases conversion, reduces bounces, helps to sell more, improves your level of service and makes recruitment and training a lot more effective.

Thousands of secured
video connections every single day

What it enables you to do

One line of code suffices to upgrade your website into a versatile communication platform.

Your website visitor can interact with you by text-chat and during that chat, your agent can upgrade to video-chat.

You are compatible with everybody. Without software download - or by plugin.