Live Text & Video Chat

Instant, personal contact with your website visitors.
Meet the people, exactly at the time they need you.


What it does for you?

The lionshare of your website visitors did not land by accident. They searched and…found. Website visitors want instant gratification. If they do not see instantly what they want – they may leave your site and never come back. By offering instant presence by a real person, you can prevent that by offering a Live Text Chat button. With mutual consent-, the text chat can be transformed into a Live Video Chat whereby both parties can hear and see each other. During the chats, screens and content can be shared and documents can be exchanged. Thanks to Co-browsing your agent supports your visitor in all security. All this can make the difference when it comes to your ‘conversions’, your sales, your level of service. In other words : to the success of your business.

Thousands of secured video connections every single day

What it enables you to do

This LIVE TEXT & VIDEO CHAT enables you to meet personally with your website visitors, exactly at the time when you are on their minds. You do that by showing a ‘How Can I help you ?’ button. If no-one is available to take the call, that button will vanish. The call is automatically connected with your most suitable co-worker by following the Routing Plan that you have set in the Cloud system. Security and privacy are top priorities : the P2P connections are encrypted. The cloud-servers for European customers are hosted in Europe and in the USA for US-based customers. You can opt to use your own private, cloud server; dedicated to your organisation, not shared with others and under white label. The system can be used by all desktops, mobiles and browsers.