Integrate live video chats into your app

The API enables you to add cloud video-conferencing to your existing app, your text-chat, your emails and your website, without any development or difficulties.


What it does for you?

Together with the API comes a complete cloud framework including statistical reporting, Video Contact Center System, dynamic routing, System Management etc.. The application runs on a cloud-server dedicated exclusively to your organisation. European customers use Europe based servers and US customers use US based servers. Thanks to white label usage, this becomes your own corporate cloud video-conferencing system.

Thousands of secured video connections every single day

What it enables you to do

Literally overnight, you can integrate live video communication into your app, your text-chat sessions, your e-mails and your website.
Enabling live video-chats between mobiles and desktops.
The mobile user clicks one button to connect live with a person or
service of your choice; following your pre-set routing plan.
Fully automatically.
Customized for your business processes.