Talk fluently with any other-language speaker in the world

Real-time, online language interpretation.
Not streaming = no delays.

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What it does for you?

You can literally talk with anyone in the world, without the disadvantage of having to express yourself in a foreign language.

Ideal for important meetings, negotiations, sales, customer support, recruitment, etc

It is also possible to connect many locations, using multiple languages.

In that case, more than one interpreter is at work. To maximize bandwidth utilization and audio quality, the live video is not used in this configuration, but presentations can be shared.

Perfectly suited for important multi-lingual meetings.

Thousands of secured
video connections every single day

What it enables you to do

While you speak your language, the party in the other location sees you but hears his/her mother tongue; exactly at the time when you are talking. You will see the other party but you will hear your own mother tongue. In addition to the live video interaction, presentations can be shared in both directions.