Instant online language interpretation

The interpreter is available within minutes.
More than 100 languages.


What it does for you?

This can literally open up the world for you. All language barriers simply disappear. You can talk with anyone in the world, as long as one of the two speaks English.

The other party can be in another location or can be in the same room. In case of the latter, simply place your device of choice on the table and put it on speaker.

It is possible to have a conversation with one other party, but you can also initiate an audio-conferencing call with many participants. Some speak English and some speak another language. The interpreter will translate ‘consecutively’.

Pefectly suited for meetings, sales, support, recruitment,... with other language speakers.

Thousands of secured
video connections every single day

What it enables you to do

Connect using your GSM, telephone, Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop. The system will automatically patch-in the interpreter who will translate from/into the language of your choice. The interpreter arrives just minutes following your request. There is no operator involved. The whole process is automated. But the interpreter is a real professional who has perfect command of both languages.