Virtual Video Receptionist

Personal Service from any workplace. Ready to use within one hour.

A low-cost solution for personal, warm hospitality at your reception.

First have a look at the end-result

The Implementation could not be made easier

The only 2 things that you need to do


Acquire an All-in-One Touch PC, connect it to the
Internet and provide TeamViewer access.


Send us your self-designed
screen layout.

OPTIONALLY let us know if you

  • Require any additional peripheral equipment
  • Wish to design your custom-built process
  • Want to use the 'the Human Avatar' (i.e. full or semi-automatic process for Self-Service visitors)
  • Need to integrate with your existing databases and systems


The 10 things that we will do for you :
  • - Offer expert advice and valuable recommendations for your specific application
  • - Customize to meet exactly your specific requirements.
  • - Configure your system over distance
  • - Supply a secure cloud infrastructure for your application
  • - Host a stable server in your geographic/legal territory
  • - Provide you with the links and simple instructions for the remote receptionist
  • - Focus permanently on keeping the overall system up-to-date, reliable and robust.
  • - Monitor your system on a daily basis to ensure maximum uptime
  • - Intervene very rapidly over distance in case of malfunctions or technical issues
  • - Provide personal, human support for your technical staff and agents (i.e. receptionists)

Contact us

Call: + 32 2 478 90 80 | E-mail: marketing@teleportel.com

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