Use Live Video to Attend your Reception over Distance
The D.I.Y. Solution

Not Virtual, but Real Live Video Interaction

This is not 'virtual' or 'digital' but an
In-Person Reception. Live Video Communication for 100% natural

Reception over Distance Do it Yourself


Video Reception Do it yourself

Implementing the
in-Person Reception could not be made easier

You buy the hardware locally and connect it to the Internet.
Teleportel configures the system over distance. Overnight.
For Free.
Customizable to match your house style.

Touchless operation to reduce infections

You can offer your Guests a Coronaproof Reception Service whereby the connection is established touchlessly. At no extra cost. Your Receptionist works from the safety of a remote office or from home.

Virtual Reception Do it Yourself
Virtual Reception Do it Yourself

The Back-Office

The receptionist - or any member of your staff - residing in another location, uses the computer or the smartphone, to interact with your guests. The back-office becomes your front-office with just one click regardless locations.

The Cost

There is no set-up cost for the initialisation of the standard configuration.

The monthly cost per end-point is very low.

Optional, tailor-made programs or features may be subject to a surcharge and will be communicated 100% transparantly and upfront. No surprises.

The Contract

The quarterly agreements can be terminated at any time. No strings attached. No long term obligations.

Reception over Distance Do it Yourself

The Payment

Quarterly payments by Credit Card, PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Video Reception Do it yourself

The D.I.Y. is the simplest reception in the world :

Very simple for you to install, for your Agent (person attending the reception over distance ) to operate and for your Guest to use .

Virtual Reception Do it Yourself
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