Cybersecurity sign-up
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Teleportel takes cybersecurity very seriously. Below are the minimum inputs Teleportel needs to take the extra measures to complete your cybersecurity setup.
Upon receipt of your submission, we may follow-up by email to complete your security sign-up process.

1) IP Whitelisting

The public IP addresses of the devices used in the Teleportel application i.e. (the 'Reception Kiosk(s)' and the 'Agent Workstation(s)') will allow Teleportel to whitelist these devices in the cloud server. If you do not know the public IP address of these individual devices and/or if you use dynamic IP addresses (DHCP), you can share the IP Range.
Please contact your ISP if you lack this information.

If you prefer not to make use of the added security of whitelisting using Public IP address(es)/range(s),
please tick this box to confirm.
IP addresses / range Agent Workstations



2) Logins


If you decide to use ADFS for logins, Teleportel will set up a dedicated server for your application. In this dedicated server, we will store your certification. The extra cost for this service is $ 73,50 € per month.

Please tick this box if you do want to proceed with ADFS


Alternatively, you may also decide to use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to login.
There are 2 ways to achieve this secured login procedure. You could opt to use Google Authenticator, a free app (available from Google) or you could opt to receive the authentication code by email, sent by the Teleportel server; upon login. Both options are free of charge.

Please make your choice below

Google Authenticator


Notification of 2FA code by email
If you prefer not to use this more secured way to login, please tick this box to confirm.

If we do not receive a response within 10 days from today, we will assume that you do not agree to make use of the proposed basic, security measures (i.e. whitelisting and logins).

Your name

Interlinks, data transfer & storage.

If your Teleportel application requires data-transfer or interlinks with other systems / databases, and /or storage of (personal) data, Teleportel will use a customized combination of different security techniques, which we will not disclose on this page. We will contact you to provide more technical details if required for your application.