Your Customer

Nothing works better than live, human contact for the best customer experience. This can be achieved over distance. The Personal Contact Kiosks feature 3D Holographics whereby your remote agent appears physically present, interacting with your customer exactly as being in the same room. Printers, document scanners and authentication support your transactions.
Also for 2D Kiosks, desktops and mobiles.

Your Dedicated
Cloud Server

The cloud signaling server is dedicated to you; not shared with other companies and used under white label. Servers for European customers are hosted in Europe. That results in higher video quality and falls within the scope of EU law (privacy etc.).

API's and Web services enable integration with your databases. The Cloud Management System and Statistical Reporting Module provide full control and help to streamline your business.Optionally, recording and live streaming can be used.

Your Agent

Agents use their own computer or specialized Workstations for aligned eye-contact and for
3D Holographic appearance. Intelligent routing connects the customer automatically with the most suitable agent. Data-collaboration, document transfers and instant online language interpretation are available to your agent to ensure the best possible customer experience.