Manage your Video Operating System
to achieve breakthrough results

Analysis of the statistical data and dynamic Routing can boost your productivity and profitability.

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What it does for you?

Extracting statistical data and the logs to create your own reports in Excel, will help you streamline your operations effectively and enables you to improve your business processes continuously. Fine-tune your Routing plans to ensure that every call is connected with the most suitable agent or resource. This way you control your level of service, productivity and effectiveness. Manage the audio and video recordings of your calls and your pre-recorded video content. Create and update the profiles of users and customers.

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What it enables you to do

The Manager™ is the Management Tool of AVICCS™, (Audio and Video in the Cloud Contact System) which is the overall VOS (Video Operating System) of all the Teleportel applications.

From one and the same simple interface, you can manage all the Teleportel internet applications, the cloud systems, the Agent Workstations and the Kiosks, the processes, the recordings and the content.