Like a webinar but with interactive audio communication and without the annoying delays.

Teachers and Presenters interact live with their audience in many locations. For small and medium-sized groups.


What it does for you?

As a teacher or presenter, you use your desktop to show your presentation to participants in different remote locations,... and you talk. Everybody hears you, without any delay. When you grant a participant the floor, everybody hears that participant and yourself speak. Also without any delay.

Everbody can access the application from the native browser. Every participant can intervene or raise a question at any time, using text-chat.

For those sessions where you do want to reach very large groups, this real-time session can be streamed and the streaming-participants can also intervene by text chat.

Thousands of secured
video connections every single day

What it enables you to do

Your presentations and your classes become easy, effective and pleasant. Everybody joins from the comfort and safety of their own office or their home.

Unlike a webinar – designed for very large groups - there are no delays; neither in showing the presentation, nor in talking with each other (audio) Everything takes place in real-time and instantly, which makes the session naturally interactive.

With webinars, participants tend to 'mentally disconnect' because of lack of interaction, engagement and involvement. That is not the case with The Presenter!