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The Presenter is like a webinar but without the annoying delays. Every participant can 'request' the floor and once granted by the Chairman of the Meeting, the participant can address all the other members of the group The Presenter is very interactive but it limited in terms of number of participants.

The presenter

For online Training and Presentation sessions.
Simple. Secure. Fully interactive.

This is how it works

The teacher/presenter and all the participants log in - in the cloud. Everybody CAN be in different locations; anywhere in the world. All that is needed, is Internet access and a browser. No software download required. All the participants hear the presenter speak and view the content (slides) being presented. The member who wants to speak, ‘requests the floor’ by pushing a button. When granted by the presenter, all the other members can hear the participant speaking. Every participant has the ability to text-chat with all the other members at all times.

What this is not

We do NOT use streaming. This is live, interactive, instant communication between the presenter and all participants. No delays. This is NOT a Multi-Pointing or an MCU (Multi Control Unit) or a conference call as used in audio- or video-conferencing. Because it is fully interactive (audio) it is NOT suited for webinars with hundreds/thousands of participants.
HOWEVER, it is in fact possible to ADD Streaming ON-TOP of your The Presenter session. In other words : in ADDITION to your interactive session, you have the ability to stream AT THE SAME TIME. As a result, thousands/millions of viewers/listeners can be reachted, at the very time of your actual session. Note that this streaming is not interactive in terms of audio or instant live intervention, but the streaming participants will be able to text-chat live with the trainer, for Q&A. This streaming session can be made public (internet) with our without password access or it can go to the Intranet, in which case you control the access of the viewers/listeners. This can be convenient for confidential/private sessions whereby many participants are involved.
User Manual 'Chairman'
User Manual 'Participant'


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