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Personal contact works best

10 live video solutions

Service your customers on your website.
Truly personally. 24/7.

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Use the Cloud to deliver your services personally

Self-Service. Automation. Live Video Calls.
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Fully automatic, personalized service

Without human involvement
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Interact as if you were physically present

This is not telepresence, video-conferencing, video-chat, video call or Unified Communications.
This is very, very different….
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Communicate fluently in any language

Online, simultaneous translation by professional interpreters in the cloud
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Video-Meetings from your website

Video-calls and video-chats with one and with many.
No one needs to download software.
Simple. Secure.
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The Automatic Front Desk Reception

Welcome your guests personally without the need for a receptionist.
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Meet your customer in the Virtual Reality

Interact live in a stunning 360° environment
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No personal contact without natural eye-contact

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The cost ?

….depends on your requirements. As of 10,00 $/€ per month.
But more important is the Return on Investment.
For most projects, we predict the pay-back exactly.
Not a speculative or wishy-washy or ‘maybe’, …but a hard R.O.I.
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Enabling companies and Government to do business over distance

Helping companies, government and organisations doing business over distance
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