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Attend Your Reception Over Distance.

The Only Visitor Management System for Personal Contact

This New System reconciles effective Visitor Management with Personal Service. Reduce your costs to a bare minimum without compromising the Real Personal Contact.

The 3 Core Business Value

This Mission Critical Reception System offers the best possible User Experience, the Highest Level of Security and maximum Availability of the equipment.

The Live Video Connection

Your guest touches the screen to initiate the live video connection. A co-worker in another location - who could be anywhere in the world - connects in high quality video with your guest. Securely encrypted. Instantly and effortlessly. The high-quality HD video & audio is without lipsync problems or other aberrations that are associated with video communication. Yet, the bandwidth requirements are low. The best part is, that you will not need to download any software : it all happens from the cloud. This eliminates the need for extra ICT overhead.

Aligned Eye-Contact

Thanks to the patented concept your co-worker appears with aligned eye-contact. This means looking the guest straight into the eyes and not above or below as is the case with conventional video-chats. That unique feature enhances the feeling of real personal contact. Genuine eye-contact makes all the difference in human interaction.

2D Kiosks

You can choose to provide the Reception Computer yourself or you can make a selection from our portfolio of 25 stylish Kiosks: Wall-Mount, Floor-Stand and Desktop units featuring displays ranging from 11’ to 100’; in any conceivable configuration.

Holographical Reality™ for the Ultimate Visitor Experience

Or you decide to choose for the Top-of-the-Line display technology : Holographical Reality™ . Your co-worker appears in 3D in ‘mid-air’. There is no visible screen nor camera. No visible technology. This is the most realistic 3D imagery for live video communication, available today in the world. Most visitors think that the Agent is actually physically present. This is really as good as being there. Often better. Those who have experienced this personally, never forget.

No Visitor will ever be left Unattended

If your Agent does not respond adequately, the call is automatically routed to another resource. That can be a real person or an automatic self-service program. In case of the latter, the Interactive Avatar serves your visitor fully automatically, without any human involvement. Or the guest self-registers and notifies the contact person by SMS or e-mail. You have many options to choose from.

Any Peripheral equipment

Every type of peripheral equipment to personalize your specific visitor experience can be added : badge printer, automatic badge dispenser to issue and withdrawl badges, document and ticket printers, QR reader, eID and Passport identification, document camera, automatic or remote door opening, Signature Management, Security Movies and Questions, etc.

Any Network

The system’ architecture is adaptable to your network infrastructure. Our Team works with your ICT staff to ensure compliance with your network policies. You use a private enterprise network, the public internet, Intranet, LAN , WAN, VPN or a combination of all these, while maintaining a secured, encrypted connection and adhering to the Legal Privacy Requirements.

Your Private Signaling Server

The live video connections are established on an encrypted, P2P basis and do not go through a media-server. They cannot be monitored nor recorded by third parties. The Signaling Server controlling and managing these live calls, is dedicated to your organisation and is not shared with others. The Servers for European customers are hosted in the EER space while those for US customers are hosted in the States. This not only increases security but also complies with privacy legislation.

Perfectly-Organized Back-Office

Specialized software modules are available to organize your back-office effectively and without unnecessary stress . The workload is balanced between the co-workers. Alerts are integrated to avoid errors. People are notified in case of abnormalities. These tools boost your productivity and tighten your Service Quality Control.

Integration with your ICT Systems

In the back-end, this Visitor Management Reception system can be integrated with your existing ICT systems and databases, using API’s and webservices. This will enable you to take the visitor experience to the next level. Interlinks with your Access Control System, ERP or any legacy system can be achieved. This is very suitable for personalization and for more complex, advanced transactions. Always at the highest level of security.

Visitor Management Cloud Reporting System

The Advanced Visitor Management system in the Cloud, enables you to run analytical reports allowing you to manage the Reception processes effectively. This maximizes the productivity of your staff-members and ensures the best possible quality of visitor experience by continuously improving your operations.

Custom-Built For You

Every organization and company is unique with different expectations, cultures, systems, environment and requirements. An off-the-shelf solution will only help for very simple processes. Most companies need more. Since its inception in 2001, Teleportel has developed 54 specialized building blocks (hardware and software), specifically for Receptions over Distance, Virtual and Digital Receptions, Visitor Management and Professional Services over Distance. We call it ‘The Visitor Management Value Ladder’ . Following an analysis of your specific desired situation, we will custom-build a tailor-made solution, using a selection of the 54 building blocks. Our execution times are short. We will finish your project within your budget and within your timelines. We guarantee that it will match exactly your requirements.

Highest Level of Availability

Only the most reliable components and equipment are used within the systems. Moreover, the Kiosks are equiped with RDC (Remote Diagnostics Control) Modules which enable our TechSupport to intervene within minutes and to diagnose and repair the lionshare of technical malfunctions within 20 – 30 minutes. Updates and upgrades are done over distance. Every night all the systems are being monitored and updated if required. Many issues are resolved before our customers become aware of them. Preventive and remedial actions are taken rapidly and efficiently. All this ensures the highest level of availability of the systems.

Learn from the Top-Expert

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