Teleportation for Business™ is a transformative technology when it comes to effective, digitized customer interaction

Everybody is familiar with 'teleportation', as we know it from Science Fiction.

While some of you may think that this advanced method of communication is pure fantasy, you should know that Teleportel (since 2001) developed 'Teleportation for Business™.

Digital Teleportation™ - featuring Holographical Reality™ - is not comparable with Video-Conferencing, Telepresence or Unified Communications. This is really very different.

The individual appears life-sized, in 3D, with genuinely aligned eye-contact and does feel physically present. There is no visible screen nor camera. The teleported person seems to be projected in ‘thin-air’.
Over a period of 2 decades, Teleportel developed a complete framework for business applications. That includes 54 specialized, hardware and software building blocks.

The unique technology provides your organization with the ability to integrate the perfect customer experience into your digitized business processes.

That includes authentication, identification, collaboration, document handling, signatures, integration with back-end systems, etc..

The Teleportel technology puts you in front of your customers. Literally. Without compromises.

The business benefits are compelling : dramatic cost reduction, boosted productivity, improved levels of service, tighter cyber-security and safer health conditions for customers and staff.

Although it is not possible to feel the strong sense of presence on your small 2D screen, we invite you to view the video-clip.

View the clip to understand how it works in real-life business applications,

But to really experience the sensation and the power of teleported presence, we invite you to one of our demo facilities. You will never forget !

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