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Teleportel Reception Solutions

Teleportel™ (since 2001) is technical market leader in the field of ‘Digital or Virtual Receptions’,…but ‘digital’ and ‘virtual’ are only a small part of the Solution. There is a lot more…

In this section you will learn more about Teleportel, its technologies and what it can do for your organization. This presentation will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

About the company

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Over the past 2 decades, Teleportel developed a rich Suite of Building blocks.
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The Teleportel Solutions are about DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of your Reception, Hospitality, Access Control and Security.

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About the solutions for your business

In its most simple form, your reception could look like this

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In a more advanced form, your reception may look like this.

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Or you may want to consider integrating transactional processes.

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The systems can be integrated into your physical environment and your IT infrastructure.

We call this THE SERVICES FACTORY™. Watch this video clip to understand better.

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For a comprehensive summary of the above

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Configure the Reception System that will meet exactly your requirements

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What is explained on this page is not the complete picture. Not by far.
There is much more that can be done for your organization.
That includes our comprehensive Services and Security package.

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