Enhanced Visitor
Management System

10 modular building blocks to organize your Visitor Management in the most effective way.

Visitor Management System

Teleportel (since 2001) has developed 54 different building blocks for 'reception applications'. These applications include Digital Reception features (i.e. no human involved), Virtual Reception (guest served by Humanoid Avatar, without human involvement) and Reception over Distance whereby the receptionist attends the reception, from a remote location; using high quality live video communication, 100% personal.

This is an overview of the 10 basic Visitor Management features.


The host invites the guest by e-mail. In that e-mail the visit-details are included: route descriptions, parking facilities, contact person details, This automatic email is customized whereby you define the content, in the languages of choice.

A QR code or PIN code can be included. Upon arrival at the premises, the guest scans the QR code - using the reception kiosk - or enters the PIN code (using the onscreen keyboard). Visitor Management

The rest of the process is automated whereby the visitor does not need to take any further action: the host will be notified, a badge can be printed or issued, the door can be opened, the visitor is registered in the visitor logbook and the avatar informs the visitor of what to do next (waiting area, men's room, coffee machine, etc..)


For the visitors who have not received a pre-registration code, you have the option to use self-service registration (by the guest) or have the receptionist to process the registration, or a combination. The receptionist may be physically present or could be residing in another location. She registers the visitor while interacting live - using high quality video communication - with the guest. The receptionist can be offered the option to take a snap-shot of the visitor (subject to GDPR regulation) and she can print a badge, open the door, etc..


The Teleportel Visitor Management System has been designed to allow adapting to your specific situation and environment. The touchscreen of the Kiosk is customized to meet your exact requirements. That customization features your house-style (logo, colors, visuals, etc…) and it can also include specific options such as – for instance : Reserve Taxi, Order Lunch, Public Transport Information, Parking facilities, Visitor Satisfaction Rating, Covid check list, …

In general – in its basic version - the screen offers 3 choices :

  • I have an appointment
  • I do not have an appointment
  • I am here for a delivery

When selecting 'I have an appointment', the guest is offered the choice to scan QR, enter PIN code or select the name of the contact-person (from a drop down list) and to register.

If 'no appointment' we recommend to establish an automatic live video interaction with the remote receptionist. Or if such a person is not available, the visitor may self-register and a notification may be sent to someone within the organization, who will assist the visitor further.

In case of 'delivery', specific instructions can be provided, depending on your available resources. That may include sending a notification or establishing a telephone call (connecting with VoiP, GSM or landline) with a logistics person, provide instructions on how to use the intelligent parcel lockers, etc... You may also want to use the Assisted Parcel Lockers whereby the live video reception is integrated into an intelligent parcel locker.

Visitor Management System

These instructions can be refined based upon the size of the delivery (pallets, small boxes,..) or recepient or transport company (Fedex, DHL, etc..). In other words, you define exactly how this 'Delivery and Pick-Up'process will look like.


Upon registration at the Kiosk an email and/or SMS short text message, can be sent to the host; notifying him / her of the arrival of the guest. The email addresses and GSM numbers used for this service, are considered 'personal and private' and are subject to GDPR guidelines. Typically this data is provided by your IT & Security department on an automatic basis (for instance updated every midnight) There are different methods to seize that data from your data-bases and there are also different was to secure the data (during transport and in rest). We will not disclose any of these details here. The exact methodologies and techniques are to be discussed with your IT & Security team. Teleportel will adapt the process to be compliant with your Cyber Security policies and your IT infrastructure.


The Teleportel Reception Kiosk can be integrated with your access control system provided that this system is 'open' for interlinking using API's / webservices. If your access control system uses RFID badges, the kiosk could issue a badge upon registration (see higher). A speedlane, door or speedgate can be opened automatically.

Visitor Management System

There are different ways of communicating with these barriers. If you do not use an access control system or if you do not use RFID badges, the Kiosk can print a badge. This badge can feature a QR code that will allow the visitor to get access and to leave the building upon departure. The integration with your access control system will require more in-depth analysis and discussions with yourselves and the access control company. This integration is a bespoke solution and becomes an integral part of your Visitor Management System.

The Reception Kiosk is configured to accommodate the required Visitor Management features and the necessary peripheral equipment is integrated.


Visitor Management

Optionally, the Teleportel Reception Kiosk offers the possibility to identify and authenticate the visitor. This includes readers for eID cards, scanners for passport, drivers' licenses and document cameras (to view a document presented by the visitor).

The identity details of the visitor may be checked for accuracy and authenticity using your existing systems (subject to GDPR regulations – see also higher in 'notification'). Based upon the pre-granted right of this specific visitor, the rest of the process - as described in the building blocks above - can take place, fully automatically.


The Dashboard is your receptionists 'window' on the Visitor Management System. The receptionist can either be physically present or reside in another location. For this application, typically a tablet-like unit is used (MS Surface Pro) to allow the receptionist to walk around in the lobby. The dashboard is a very simple and easy to use application which provides all the necessary information. It provides an overview of the expected visitors (not arrived yet), arriving visitors, processed visitors (already checked in) and the visitors who have left. The receptionist has the ability to register visitors and to monitor the pre-registrations and self-registrations (see higher). The dashboard also allows to send notifications to the host. This saves a lot of time for the receptionists (no need to call the host or to send an email).


If you deploy multiple receptions and /or different locations and/ or work with more receptionists, the 'Traffic Manager' provides the 'Supervisor / Team leader' of the receptionists a real-time overview of all the activities that are going on (who is logged in /out, visitors waiting, etc.). The Supervisor also has the ability to allocate specific visitors to certain receptionists and can send instant messages to the respective receptionists. These short and efficient communication lines have a very positive impact on the guest's reception experience.

Visitor Management System


In case many guests visit your location, we recommend the Ticketing and Queue Mgmt system. This intelligent, automatic system will reduce waiting times for the visitor and will optimize your manpower resources in the 'back office'. The back-office Agents have a complete overview of people waiting, per type of service. The allocation of the work (i.e. which visitor will be invited to speak with which agent, at which time) can be done fully automatically – taking into account the purpose of the visit and the urgency - or can be done manually - either by the back office agent or by the Traffic Manager (see higher)

Visitor Management System


Visitor Management

The database of the Visitor Management System offers a treasure of information to manage your reception. At any time raw data can be downloaded of all the activities that took place: registrations, waiting times, utilization rate of kiosks, occupancy of the receptionists (who did what when) live video connections, visitor satisfaction ratings, etc. This data is imported into your Excel spreadsheet, enabling you to create your own graphs and stats. This information will allow you to continuously improve your reception performance and quality.

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