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Since 2001, Teleportel provides specialized systems to service and to sell over distance with the aim of cutting costs and creating the best possible customer experience.

You are looking to find a solution for your specific business problem. It is a long search and chances that you will find exactly what you need, are very small. In other words, it will take a lot of time and you will probably not find the perfect answer to your specific question.

Deploying video-communication technology can be hazardous if knowledge is lacking. Many companies have spent millions on video communication but did not get the return they were hoping for.

One-size- fits-all’ , standard packages and ‘off-the-shelve’ video applications are not the answer to your business problem. What you need is a solution, designed specifically for your problem, for your customers, for your environment.

A specialized approach and expertise are required to lead to breakthrough results. Since 2001, the core-business of Teleportel is exactly that.

It all depends on your responsibility and on what you are looking for.
Find a fundamental and sustainable business solution for your specific problem here.

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