Why Renting?

No capital expenditure. No cash drain.
All-in price : no budgetary surprises. No worries.

Period Standard Minimum 36 months Rental Period.
Invoicing First installment is for 6 months and is payable 50% at time of order and 50% at time of shipment.
Subsequently – as of the 7th month – a quarterly invoice will be raised, payable in the beginning of the period.
Installation Do it Yourself. No technical skills required. Plug-and-Play.
Prices are excluded: VAT, duties, levies, taxes, freight
Validity of Offer The rental program is not available everywhere. Please check for your specific situation.
The offer is subject to credit checks and prior credit approval.

Included in the Monthly Fee

  • Cloud Server.
  • Use of the Equipment.
  • Hardware Maintenance (Return & Swap)
  • Licensing software for the Reception Kiosk and two Agents seats
  • Software Maintenance (updates, upgrades)
  • Short Response times in case of technical issues (over distance)
  • User Support
  • Instructions and Online Support for Self-Installation.
  • Programming of the customized screens to conform with your house-style with your logo, visuals, etc.. (actual design supplied by you)

The Simplest Reception

(the actual look-and-feel of the model may be different from the one shown above)

Includes: Touchscreen, HD camera, audio speaker, microphone.
Monthly Rental Fee: 323,00 € (exc VAT & Shipping)
Watch this video clip to see how this would work at your reception
Application Features

Software features included in the monthly rental fee :

  • Touchless operation : establishing video connection without touching the screen
  • Customized screen layouts as per your own design (in your housestyle)
  • Application in different languages (up to 4 languages included)
  • Live Video Chat : includes license for the Reception kiosk and for two agents PC's
Terms & Conditions
Disclaimer : not all the equipment and all features are available in every country or geographical area.
Contact Teleportel Sales for more information on availability of specific equipment or software in your area.