The Simplest Telepresence
Virtual Reception Kiosk

The BASIC Video Reception Kiosk slashes your costs and ensures a personal, warm welcome for all your Guests.

The 'Basic' is a stylish, low-cost, indoor Reception Kiosk that can be used in every reception area. It is the most simple 'kiosk' of the Teleportel range. This basic version of the Live Video Reception guarantees a phenomenal R.O.I., perfect reception service and is very reliable.

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Easy installation

At time of your order, we will briefly discuss your requirements. The unit is preconfigured prior to shipment. That includes programming screen layouts designed by yourself; in your own house style. Upon arrival, it suffices to connect power and internet. The unit will auto start without having to do anything.


Easy for your Guest

Your Visitor does not even have to think. It suffices to simply touch the intuitive and inviting screen – or use the system 'touchlessly' – to establish the live connection with one of your 'back office' staff members.


Easy for your Receptionist

Your Receptionist uses the existing laptop or smart phone. Learning how to use takes 2 minutes. There are only 3 buttons. A user 'manual' is not needed because the instructions are limited to one page. It does not get easier than this.

The Hardware

The Basic features a 22' touch screen, a powerful computer, integrated HD camera (not accessible to the visitor) , microphone and audio speaker.

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Teleworking & Outsourcing

The 'other side' or 'back-office' i.e. your 'receptionist' – could be anywhere in the world. But he/ she could also be the in same building – working for any other department - or…. work from home. In fact, many companies deploy the technology to allow telework for their employees. Other organizations choose to outsource their Reception Service to offer their guests a professional reception service. A PC or Mobile suffice to enter into live interaction with the Guest. Other than this and internet access, nothing else is required.

video chat reception kiosk
telepresence virtual reception kiosk

High Quality Virtual Reception Kiosk

The hardware meets the highest quality standards. As importantly is the high software quality of the video & audio. This high quality media communication enables your receptionist to interact live and naturally with your guests; over distance.Your Guests will love it.

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Watch this clip for a better understanding of how the BASIC can make a big difference ; to your costs and to your Reception Service.


The BASIC is the perfect, low cost solution to allow a staff member– or an outsourced party - to attend a reception over distance. As a result, the receptionist can 'be present' at more than one reception desk. Moreover, the receptionist can be assisted herself – by a colleague residing in yet another location - at busy peak times or during her absence.

The process can be adapted to meet your specific requirements.

video conferencing reception


The unit is available as Desktop version but can also be used as a Wall mount. The system comes with a VESA mount AND with a foot. You decide on how to mount it, depending on the environment of your lobby and your functional needs.

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Reliability & Security

For stability and security reasons, the unit is 'upholstered' – using a special, custom-built 'plastic' cover. This protective cover prevents visitors from touching the buttons, pushing the camera or – even worse - inserting USB devices. This makes the Reception application more reliable and more secure. In addition to this cover, the USB ports have been protected mechanically.

Moreover the system uses a P2P Encrypted communication channel, which is more secure. Prior to shipment we will discuss extra measures that can be taken by you and which we recommend – to maximize the cybersecurity, which is often overlooked. We will not disclose any details on this page but will be happy to share this information on a confidential basis when appropriate. Cybersecurity should not be under-estimated and should be given the he highest level of attention – also and especially for Reception Applications.


The standard colours of the cover (i.e. the bezels) are black or white but other colours are available too. Choose the colour of your choice, from the chart below. This will allow you to match the look-and-feel of this slick device, with your interior design and the aesthetical requirements

Low Cost
The BASIC combines very high quality with the lowest possible cost.

You may opt to purchase this inexpensive system. In addition to this CAPEX investment, a small, monthly Software Fee* (OPEX) will be due. Optionally (not obligatory, mandatory or compulsary) a hardware maintenance contract (Return-to-Depot) is available. Thanks to this, your down-time will be minimized in case of hardware failures (which occur very rarely).


Subject to prior credit approval and depending on your location (the Rental Service is not available in all geographical areas) , you may choose to enter into a 36 months rental arrangement. The monthly rental fee (OPEX) will not just cover the hardware but will also include the Software Fee* and Hardware maintenance (Return to Depot). In other words : All-in. No extra charges. No surprises. No worries

*the software Fee includes : software, signaling server in your geographic area (GDPR), software maintenance, updates, upgrades, software support (over distance) and swapping screen slides when / if that is a requirement.

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In a nutshell : Easy, Fast, Low Cost, Secure.

It is not possible to try out the BASIC Hardware for free. However it is perfectly possibly to try the software for free and without any obligations, not even a credit card is required. This Trial will demonstrate how easy and effective this system really is. Follow this link to request your Free Trial.

Free Trial

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Questions ? We wil be happy to provide all information by email or during a personal
telephone call or video chat.

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