The Digital Transformation of your Reception

Teleportel is Specialist in Advanced Reception Solutions

Digital Reception, Virtual Reception and Reception over Distance
For the smallest to the largest Reception Desk

The Do-it-Yourself Reception

Not 'digital' or 'virtual' but 'in person'

You supply the computers. Teleportel remotely activates your application.

Inexpensive. Overnight activation. Secure.

A Kiosk for Every Reception

All Receptions are different. So is yours.

A branded kiosk to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements

Genuinely Aligned Eye-Contact

Looking your guest straight into the eyes makes all the difference

100% Personal and Warm Hospitality

Holographical Reality for Digital Teleportation

By far, the most advanced way to communicate over distance

Your Receptionist seems to be really physically present

The Just-in-Time (JIT) Reception

Excellent Visitor Service and
80% Manpower Cost Reduction

With JIT, both goals can be achieved at the same time.
This is not a trade-off.

Teleportel - since 2001 - developed a Suite of Specialized Reception Technologies enabling us to custom-build your bespoke Solution.

For all Hospitality, Security, Service, Sales and Information Applications.