The Do-it-Yourself Reception

Not 'digital' or 'virtual' but 'in person'

You supply the computers. Teleportel remotely activates your application.

Inexpensive. Overnight activation. Secure.

A Kiosk for Every Reception

All Receptions are different. So is yours.

A branded kiosk to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements

Genuinely Aligned Eye-Contact

Looking your guest straight into the eyes makes all the difference

100% Personal and Warm Hospitality

Holographical Reality for Digital Teleportation

By far, the most advanced way to communicate over distance

Your Receptionist seems to be really physically present

The Just-in-Time (JIT) Reception

Excellent Visitor Service and
80% Manpower Cost Reduction

With JIT, both goals can be achieved at the same time.
This is not a trade-off.

Teleportel - since 2001 - developed a Suite of Specialized Reception Technologies enabling us to custom-build your bespoke Solution.

For all Hospitality, Security, Service, Sales and Information Applications.