G.U.T.S : The Teleportel Guaranteed Up-Time Service

Peace of mind for Mission Critical Reception Applications.

The Teleportel Guaranteed UpTime Service (G.U.T.S.) represents an advanced maintenance and support solution tailored for mission-critical applications. G.U.T.S. ensures the highest level of application availability, encompassing both hardware and software components, thereby affording customers peace of mind. Within the G.U.T.S. framework, the concept of "mission critical" failures necessitates clarification, delineating technical malfunctions that impede the normal operation of the system, herein referred to as "system down" incidents. Such failures encompass issues such as non-operational screens no audio or computer defects, while excluding non-critical malfunctions, preventative maintenance tasks, user errors (e.g., nuisance calls), and network-related issues.

The G.U.T.S. calculation mechanism revolves around the cumulative measurement of "contract hours" within a rolling 13-week window. For instance, a service contract covering weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. corresponds to a daily contract time of 9 hours, totaling 585 hours in a 13 weeks window. Concurrently, downtime resulting from mission-critical failures is tracked within the same rolling 13-week window. Customers are afforded the flexibility to select their desired level of guaranteed uptime, such as (for instance), 97.5%, or 99.2%. or whatever the customer deems appropriate. Each level of uptime entails a specific surcharge, in addition to the costs associated with hardware and software maintenance. Moreoever, it may seem necessary – subject to agreement between Teleportel and the customer – to stock certain spare parts onsite. These replacement parts need to be purchased by the customer and must be available to Teleportel technicians at all times.

To illustrate the concept, suppose the system experiences downtime due to mission-critical failures, totaling 9 hours within the 13-week window. This equates to 1.53% of the total 585 contract hours, indicating an uptime of 98.47% for that period. Should the agreed-upon uptime target, for instance, be 99%, the deviation amounts to 0.53%. Consequently, Teleportel incurs a penalty, the precise amount contingent upon the predefined fees and surcharges.

While G.U.T.S. endeavors to maximize uptime, it is not without associated expenses. Therefore, we advise customers to evaluate the trade-off between the additional cost of G.U.T.S. and alternative strategies, such as deploying redundant devices (e.g., additional reception kiosks), which mitigate the impact of downtime.