The technology is extremely powerfull for all those applications whereby the attention of the consumer or user needs to be captivated and whereby engagement and best ‘customer experience’ are the prime objectives. Succesfull applications include Retail, Fashion, Information Kiosks, Telemedicine, Museums, Training and education, Front Desk Receptions etc..

2D Video Monitor compared to
Holographical Reality™

It has become common to see video monitors everywhere in public places, such as shopping malls, airports, commercial buildings and reception lobbies. When we enter a lobby or store we intentionally try to ignore the television screens to look for a ‘real person’ who can help us. No person would think to go up to a video monitor to ask for help. A visitor entering a lobby for the first time will instinctively reject any flat display device and will immediately be drawn to the appearance of a three dimensional person with in the room through Holographical Reality™ because it looks and feels like a real person! The true advantage of the Holographical Reality™ solution is that it conveys a sensitivity and appreciation of creating a natural and friendly human experience.

Custom-built for your specific situation

We meet with our clients to understand their corporate image and their objectives. Those goals can include : increase sales, lower costs, improve margins, achieve the highest level of user satisfaction, create a one-in- a-lifetime experience, etc.
From this we design the process specifically to achieve the desired results. The Holographic Reality™ program may be produced in 4K for the ultimate 3-D holographic experience.

The user interface includes touchscreen, gesture or voice contol, or by using sensors in the room in combination with advanced ‘intelligent’ software. The system has a computer with a camera and microphone with the capability to use intelligent cameras and software to perform object recognition and voice recognition to determine the next response in the conversation. Each Holographical Reality™ system is connected to a video operating system at secure servers in the Cloud for real-time and automated routing and forwarding of video for intelligent management of communications.

Full control via the cloud

As System Manager you have full control over the whole process and all the content. You can create your own 3D content or decide to outsource.

Password protected cloud access enables you to manage your pre-recorded content (upload, delete, schedule,..) and decide upon the ‘routing’ i.e. which action (for instance button push) will result into which activity (for instance a live video connection with the most suitable agent in a remote location). This goes a lot further than a ‘digital signage’ system as you may know it. Moreover the cloud system provides you with the raw data (.csv) to create your own reports in Excel. Thanks to this you know exactly what happened when, how, what the user satisfaction levels were, which information was requested, the orders that were placed, etc… In other words : full control to streamline your processes and to improve the customer experience permanently.

Reliability and Availability

The reliable components that are used in the configurations are off-the-shelve and robust.
The longevity of the systems is one of the key benefits. It is not an exaggeration to state that the systems can be used for a minimum of 7 to 10 years. Thanks to the ease of updating the video content, the application is always ‘fresh’ and will always be perceived as ‘novel’ by the users and consumers. The system maintenance (updates, upgrades, etc..) is done over distance – using the internet - without interrupting the daily operations and without upsetting the customer experience.

The Line-up

A complete range of solutions and configurations is available. All units can feature augmented intelligence, 3D4K pre-recorded video and live video interaction with persons in a remote location and can be controlled by gesture control, sensors or touchscreen.

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  • 32’ display mounted against the wall or rack.
  • No floor space required.


  • 32 inch unit with pedestal.
  • Required floorspace : +/- 0.75 square meter.


  • 40 inch unit mounted behind a wall or panel.
  • No visible screen, camera, microphone.
  • Required floorspace : 1.25 square meter
The InWall can be incorporated into a 'Kiosk' structure. See example Tourism

Or it can be integrated in the wall/behind a panel. See example Privacy Booth


  • 80-85 inch display, integrated in the room
  • Required floorspace: 5.92 m (L) x 2.34 m (W) x 2.38 m (H)


  • 42-52 inch display. Unit mounted on casters. Can be moved around easily.
  • To be used as-is (standalone) or can be mounted behind a wall or panel.
  • Required floorspace : +/- 1.25 square meter.

These units are also used for meetings and collaboration teams and can be deployed as part of your communication mix. For instance your customers can ‘sit at the same table’ as your experts and consultants in remote locations.

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We custom-build since 2001

It is not possible to experience the very strong sense of 3D presence and the unique sensation by looking at a webpage or by watching video clips. To really grasp the significance and the power of this unique technology, one has to experience this personally by being in front of the system. We kindly invite you for a live demonstration in our 300 square meter Experience Facility in Belgium (unique in Europe) or in our demo facility in Plano. Contact us by e-mail: or call us +32(0)2 478 90 80 or submit the form below. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Of course without any obligations.