Everybody is familiar with 'teleportation', as we know it from Science Fiction. While some of you may think that this advanced method of communication is pure fantasy, you should know that Teleportel (since 2001) developed 'Teleportation for Business™.

Teleportation for Business™ - featuring Holographical Reality™ - is not comparable with Video-Conferencing, Telepresence or Unified Communications. This is really very different. The individual appears life-sized, in 3D, with genuinely aligned eye-contact and does feel physically present. There is no visible screen nor camera. The teleported person seems to be projected in 'thin-air'.

Over a period of 2 decades, Teleportel developed a complete framework for business applications. That includes 54 specialized, hardware and software building blocks.

The unique technology provides your organization with the ability to integrate the perfect customer experience into your digitized business processes. That includes authentication, identification, collaboration, document handling, signatures, integration with back-end systems, etc.. The Teleportel technology puts you in front of your customers. Literally. Without compromises.

Holographical Reality

The patented technology generates high definition imagery that appears within the 3-dimensional setting of the room to create a very strong sense of realistic presence. The 3D imagery is viewed without any encumbrances of technical gear to be worn on the head. In other words : no need to wear goggles!

Holographical Reality™ is not based on holography (around since 1971). The patented technology generates perfect 3D imagery projected in mid-air but without the downsides of holography : no laser technology needed (uses natural light), stable crisp-and- clear images, robust performance without need for special maintenance, works in every environment, very simple set-up and lower cost.

The system can feature pre-recorded video content (the intelligent, interactive 'avatar') which interacts completely automatically with the visitor. But more importantly, it transmits live images over distance, in real-time to engage into a face-to-face, In Person communication.

2D Video Monitor compared to
Holographical Reality™

It has become common to see video monitors everywhere in public places, such as shopping malls, airports, commercial buildings and reception lobbies. When we enter a lobby or store we intentionally try to ignore the television screens to look for a 'real person' who can help us. No person would think to go up to a video monitor to ask for help. A visitor entering a lobby for the first time will instinctively reject any flat display device and will immediately be drawn to the appearance of a three dimensional person with in the room through Holographical Reality™ because it looks and feels like a real person! The true advantage of the Holographical Reality™ solution is that it conveys a sensitivity and appreciation of creating a natural and friendly human experience. This really works and does make a big difference when it comes to customer experience.

Aligned eye-contact

With conventional video-chat and video-conferencing, people never look each other into the eyes, as they do in real life. That makes video communication stilted, unrewarding and unnatural.

To convey trust, to establish rapport and to ensure a perfect customer experience, aligned eye-contact is essential.

The unique format of this patented technology ensures that your agent will look your customer straight into the eyes. Genuinely aligned eye-contact makes a big difference when it comes to engagement and building trust.

The imagery can be created in different ways : using high quality recording techniques, actors can be recorded for playback. It is also possible to film real objects or to create 3D content on a computer. The objects float in space ! The sense of reality is stunning.

Moreover a real person residing in a remote location, can appear life-size to interact in a natural way with the visitor. To do this, coding and transmission by the 'Teleportel engines' are used. All the hardware technical components are cleverly concealed : camera, microphone, speakers are invisible to the user. The remote person appears 'in thin air' and as a result it looks and feels exactly as the two parties are actually in the same location. In fact, most visitors do not realize that the other party is actually in another location. This is a human-centric solution, as opposed to a technology-centric solution. The users are not confronted with or intimidated and distracted by technical devices : they only see the remote person, as if that person would be really in front of them 'in the flesh'.

The combination of the pre-recorded imagery – interacting with the visitor – and the live video connection with a real person in another location, offers many opportunities to create a unique experience for the visitors. On a regular basis, the pre-recorded content can easily be replaced (updates in the cloud) by new content to ensure that the information is always up-to-date and that visitors do come back for a new experience.

In this clip :
3D Logo and pre-recorded Avatar
(no audio)

Private, dedicated server
and Full control via the cloud

Private, dedicated signaling cloud server (not shared with other companies) with fixed public IP addresses can be whitelisted in your firewalls for enhanced security. The live video communication is however not passing through a server but is established on P2P basis and is encrypted. Also this adds to the security. Moreover it will avoid lipsync issues or other aberrations such as delay and annoying pixelations which are often associated with video communication. Click here to see how that works

As System Manager you have full control over the whole process and all the content. You can create your own 3D content or decide to outsource. Password protected cloud access enables you to manage your pre-recorded content (upload, delete, schedule,..) and decide upon the 'routing' i.e. which action (for instance button push) will result into which activity (for instance a live video connection with the most suitable agent in a remote location). This goes a lot further than a 'digital signage' system as you may know it. Moreover the cloud system provides you with the raw data (.csv) to create your own reports in Excel. Thanks to this rich data, you will – at all times - know exactly what expired when, how, what the user satisfaction levels were, which information was requested, the orders that were placed, the efficiency of your agents, the occupancy of the equipment, etc… In other words : this reporting features gives you full control to streamline your processes and to improve the customer experience continuously.

Front End : The Teleportation Desk

The Teleportation Desk – featuring a 43' 3D display module - is available in 2 formats : for standing-up use (info kiosks, receptions, counters) and for sitting-down purposes (transactional processes). The required floor-space for the teleported person is identical to a real person sitting on a chair. The units are delivered as a pre-assembled aluminum rig (including all the integrated electronic and passive components) which is mounted behind a wall or panel. Your agent is visible 'through' a window in the wall oro panel. This adds to the illusion of physical presence. Your remote agent appears in the room! The front-side of the unit and the table are customized to meet your aesthetic requirements, interior design and will reflect your house-style.

The Equipment (hardware)

In the 'front-end' (i.e. where your customer is), a 3D-display configuration is used. In the 'back-office', a dedicated Agent Workstation is deployed. The former ensures the perfect user experience with the strongest possible sense of presence. The latter enables the agent to transmit crystal clear, sharp 3D images with perfectly aligned eye-contact.
  The Teleportation Desk is equipped with : a powerful processor, HD camera, beamsplitter (special 'glass' for the creation of the 3D imagery), integrated lighting, concealed microphone, invisible audio speakers (for natural sound of the human voice) whereby the audio seems to originate from the mouth of the teleported agent. This adds to the strong sense of presence and to the illusion of being in the same room. Optionally, additional peripheral equipment can be added : document camera / scanner, document printer(s), ticket- and badge printers, badge (RFID) issuance and withdrawal dispensers, QR and barcode or NFC Readers, signature pad, eID reader, passport scanner, touchscreen (to make selections , to enter data and to view data shared by the agent in the remote location) and integrated microprocessor to control the environment (for instance opening doors or (speed)gates, putting conveyor belts in motion, etc..) from the Reception kiosk or by the Agent in the remote location.  

Agent Back-office
The Teleporter

The Teleporter is equipped with : a powerful processor, high quality HD PTZ camera for the 3D imagery, table microphone and wireless headset, integrated lighting (different temperatures), 'beamsplitter with reflection system' (special 'glass' technology) for 3D transmission with aligned eye-contact , audio speaker (for natural, human voice) , high bright video screen, secondary collaboration screen to view what is on the table in the remote location and to capture those image, video-device to allow content sharing from another computer on another network (this allows showing screens from a secured network without actual data transfer), keyboard, mouse, suitable background.

Economic Rational and Compelling Business Reasons

The Teleportel Reception Solutions are used in a wide range of business applications.
Teleportel (since 2001) is specialized in business communications applications whereby an 'agent' provides a service over distance. This handicap of this physical difference is eliminated by the technology, without compromises.
Over the years Teleportel developed specialized building blocks to enable any type of transaction that may be required. A complete framework (millions of lines of code) and dedicated (often patented) hardware have been engineered and developed.
One of these building blocks is the 'Holographical Reality™ which is explained on this page.

The types of applications share three common characteristics


very strong sense of presence : it feels like both parties are really in the same locations. There is no compromise : this is as effective as sitting at the same table or standing at the same counter. Including all the transactional processes.


Highest level of Reliability. Teleportel deploys only the most reliable hardware components. Moreover, the Reception Kiosks can be equipped with Remote Diagnostics Module which enables the Teleportel TechSupport engineers to intervene instantly – over distance – in case of malfunction. The response times are measured in minutes, not in hours. Down-time (i.e. system not being available because of failures or technical issues) of the mission-critical systems is very low.


High cyber-security and respect for privacy regulations. Advanced network, methodologies and software tools have been developed to integrate the applications securely in the customer networks.

Thanks to 2 decades of focus and specialism in this field, the systems can be deployed in most one-to-one 'transactional' processes over distance. The compelling business benefits are overwhelming :

Instant, dramatic and sustainable cost-saving . Very favorable R.O.I. : if done right (using combination of automatic avatars and live video interaction) most of the projects enjoy an R.O.I. of less than 12 months. This is achieved through rational and effective resource sharing and management (i.e. one agent can appear in many different locations in the course of one single day). The idle time is reduced spectacularly. The productivity gains are nothing short of phenomenal.

Improved Level of Service. Your customers and visitors will never be left unattended. The waiting times are reduced and queues can be eliminated. Thanks to the dynamic, intelligent routing, only the right service agent will appear in front of the customer based upon the request of your customers on one hand and on the availability and skills sets of your agents (skills based routing). The detailed reporting – based upon internal statistics and permanent customer surveys will allow you to continuously improve the processes. The experience of your visitors and customers could not be more personal and warm. This really works as effectively as being in the same room at the same time.

Higher Safety and Improved Security Both parties are in different locations. Touchless tools enable your visitor to operate the system without even touching it. The risks for Infections (pandemic or other) and acts of aggression (compromising the physical integrity of your co-workers) are eliminated. The Teleportel Advanced Security program will help you to to maximize your cyber security.

" In the chapter below, we share a few customer applications that will give you a better idea of the wealth of possibilities offered by Teleportation for Business. This is undoubtedly the most advanced way to communicate over distance and to digitally transform existing 'conventional' human, transactional processes into the digitized new way of working. "


Hospitality and Reception



Information Desk


Front Desk Reception

Tourist InfoPoint



Medical Insurance Agency

Police Precincts

Airport Information Desks

Secured Executive Meetings

Custom-built for your specific situation

The applications and content shown on this page are examples. They are not THE standard solution. Every company and every process is different. So are you. There is no one-size-fits all to deal with the complexities involved in video-digitizing the interaction with your customers. More is required than just a 'video chat' connection. A lot more.
We meet with our clients to understand their objectives. Those goals can include : increase sales, slash fixed costs, improve margins, achieve the highest level of service and customer satisfaction, create a one-in- a-lifetime experience, etc.
From this business objective the Teleportel R&D Team designs and develops the system configuration and processes to achieve the desired results. The user interface includes touchscreen, gesture or voice contol, A.I. techniques such as eye-tracking or by using sensors in the room in combination with advanced 'intelligent' software.

Questions ?

Interested in understanding what this advanced technology can do for your business ? Take the next step in Digital Transformation. Contact us for an eye-opening discussion and a live demonstration. The power of Holographical Reality cannot be ascertained by viewing photos or video clips on the 2D screen you are currently using. Only being in front of a system and by experiencing the strong sense of presence personally, will allow you to fully understand and to grasp the significance of this unique technology for your business.

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Disclaimer : not all the equipment and all features are available in every country or geographical area. Contact Teleportel Sales for more information on availability of specific equipment or software in your area.