2D Kiosks - Indoor

This line up shows the RealReceptionist 2D Reception Kiosks, designed specifically for the north American market.

The 'kiosks' are the Reception Systems in your lobby used by your guests. The receptionist (or 'agent')– who resides in a remote location – appears on the screen and interacts naturally with the visitor. This personal, human, warm welcome makes all the difference.

Here you can find the line up of the Indoor Kiosks available in the USA and Canada.

The steel kiosk construction with standard powder coat finish feature a touchscreen, powerful computer, audio speakers, HD camera and microphone. Optionally, additional equipment can be added, either externally or internally (i.e. integrated into the kiosk structure ) - depending on the base model. This peripheral equipment includes : a QR reader, passport scanner, badge printer, etc…

The systems are configured, programmed and custom-built to meet your exact needs and will be designed to match your desired reception process and your aesthetic and functional requirements.

What is key with the RealReceptionist systems, is the strong sense of presence and the feeling of true personal contact and warm hospitality.

US RealReceptionist

This 22' touchscreen kiosk - with small footprint - is a desktop unit to be mounted on a reception desk or shelve.

US RealReceptionist Advanced

With this 'standalone' Kiosk, the RealReceptionist Desktop is mounted on top of a powder-coated pedestal. Optionally, peripheral equipment can be integrated into the plinth, such as badge or ticket printer, passport scanner, QR reader, etc.

US RealReceptionist Medium Height

This 32' touchscreen, powdercoated kiosk with an elegant design, is nicely finished and is also suitable for wheelchair users.

US RealReceptionist
Full Height

This top of the line 32' touchscreen based, robust indoor kiosk fits aesthetically in every environment and can be equipped with peripheral equipment to suit your specific reception needs.

Outdoor Kiosk

This 22' Outdoor kiosk has been designed for harsh weather conditions. The steel, white/silver powder coated kiosk features a high security locking mechanisme , easy front access to equipment, high-bright (sun-light readable) touchscreen , thermal control system, integrated HD camera, microphone and speaker.

Also available as Standalone unit (floorstand)

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Agent Workstations

The 'agents' (i.e. persons in the remote locations) can use their Windows computer (with HD camera, microphone and speaker) - such as a laptop - to establish a live video connection with the above kiosks. The cloud application does not require any software downloads. When using 'your own device' i.e. your laptop (or smartphone) , the agents will not appear with 'aligned eye-contact'; in other words, as is the case with other video communication techniques, the agent will not look the visitor straight into the eyes.

Teleportel offers specialized equipment (Agent Workstations) to ensure that the agent will appear in perfect conditions, with exact framing (for instance head-and-shoulders)- and most importantly - with genuinely aligned eye-contact. Real eye-contact makes a big difference when it comes to hospitality and the sensation of a warm, human welcome.

These Workstations are not mandatory or compulsory but are optionally but recommended for the best possible sense of presence.

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