The Teleportel Reception System


The list below describes the Standard functionalities of the Teleportel Reception systems.
However, you should know that Teleportel (since 2001) developed 54 specialized building blocks for Reception applications. We have not listed them all here. We have a readily-available solution for every reception situation. These are the ‘Advanced Features’.

Moreover, Teleportel custom-builds every reception system to meet exactly the requirements of our customers. There is no ‘one size fits all’ to address your specific needs and wishes. We will provide exactly what is required. Details are available upon request.

7 Basic Features

  1. The screen layout is customized to match your house-style. You decide how the display of the unit looks like. That includes logo, visuals, photos, colors, fonts, push buttons, messages, moving banners, etc… Also in different languages and also for different companies in the same building or virtual organization.
  2. In its most basic version, the visitor will be connected with a receptionist in a remote location. By default, this will be a high-quality live video connection. But for those who prefer not to be visible on screen, the communication can take place in audio-only : one way or both ways.
  3. There are 3 methods of initiating the call : a) the visitor touches the screen, b) or the visitor waves his/her hand above a certain part of the screen, c) or the visitor scans a QR code (optional – see below).
  4. Every Reception system, comes with a license for 2 concurrent receptionists (‘agents’) who will be attending the Reception kiosk over distance. No special hardware or software is required for the Agents.
  5. The Kiosk can be placed ‘Out of Service’ (manually by the receptionist or automatically at pre-defined times) in which case, a ‘We Are Not Available’ screen is shown on the Kiosk -with instructions for the visitor . The touchscreen will be de-activated. You design the screen layout.
  6. The Agent can put one visitor ‘on hold’ while speaking when another visitor is in need of service. The waiting visitor can be shown a photo, video, hear an audio message or whatever else you find appropriate.
  7. Registration of the visitor can be handled by the visitor or by the agent. The Firelist is updated. (see Pre-Registration below for Compliance with Privacy Regulations).

10 Optional Features

Following options can be added as per your requirements.

Badge or ticket printer

The adhesive badge or ticket (for queue management) is printed automatically or by the receptionist.

eID reader or Passport

scanner, for identification and authentication purposes.

Document printer

can be integrated into the plinth of the Kiosk or be placed on the desk.


upon arrival of the visitor, the contact person receives an email and/or SMS Text Message. Alternatively, the Reception Kiosk can also make a telephone connection with the contact person (or with a receptionist or other person).


The visitor receives a QR code or PIN code at time of invitation. Upon arrival at the site, the visitor scans the QR code or enters the PIN code. The contact person is notified (see step above). The visitor receives onscreen instructions. The badge or ticket can be printed automatically. To ensure protection of the Privacy (GDPR, HIPAA, Privacy Shield, etc…) we offer additional services and solutions. These extra measures apply also the Registration (see above under ‘7 Basic Features’).

Aligned Eye-Contact

Your receptionist can look the visitor straight into the eyes. This is very different from all the other video-communication systems you are familiar with. This genuinely aligned eye-contact makes a big difference when it comes to the visitor experience. It strengthens the sense of presence of your remote receptionist.

Automatic Avatar for Self-Service

Your visitor can be assisted fully automatically without any human involvement. There are a) video avatars, b) audio avatars and c) slide avatars. This may be a good option for ‘less important visitors’ such as employees, deliveries, etc.. because it saves a lot of time for the receptionist. The Receptionist deals only with ‘important’ visitors.


The call be routed – fully automatically – to the most suitable, available agent or other resource. Regardless locations. The calls can also be routed to the mobiles of the receptionists. No visitor will ever be left unattended ! The Routing can be based on language (or other) choice by the visitor and/or can be based upon the skills of the agents, who reside in the same or in different locations.

Integration with back-end systems

The Kiosk can interact with Access Control and other database systems and, moreover, both the Reception kiosk and the Agent (in remote location) can control the local environment (for instance opening doors, speedgates, elevators, etc..)

The Reporting Module

will enable you to generate detailed reports. That includes all the parameters that are important for the quality and productivity of your Reception- such as number of visitors with time frames, waiting times, visitor satisfaction ratings, occupancy of the agents, utilization of the reception kiosk, etc… This information will enable you to continuously improve your Reception Process and to ensure the perfect visitor experience.

Advanced Features

Teleportel offers a wide array of features, devices, software and additional possibilities which are not listed above. If you do have a feature on mind that is not listed above or if you have another requirement, contact us for more information. We have the solution for your challenge.

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