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The transformation stage means that digital usages inherently enable new types of innovation and creativity, rather than simply enhance and support traditional methods. Source : Wikipedia


When 'going digitally', there is a risk of alienating your customers.

Teleportel (since 2001) has developed a Suite of innovative and creative methods and technologies to facilitate going through the DT process, without jeopordizing the personal relationships with your customers. In fact, you have the ability to substantially improve the quality of Personal Contact with your customers.

The perfect Customer Journey is experienced when your customer expectations are exceeded. At every single point of contact with your organisation. Every time again. That is where this specialized interaction technology is all about.



Real Personal


Automated Self-Service



Human Involvement or No Human Involvement and the use of Video.

There is no 'one size fits all'. There is no off-the-shelve, readily-available solution that will fit exactly with what you will need. The best way for your organisation to communicate digitally with your customers, depends on a number of key-factors : the expectations and profile of your, customers your strategies, culture, available manpower and budgets, level of expertise of staff-members and ICT your organisational structure, policies & procedures complexity of the transactions, integration with legacy systems and databases,...

The first decision, is to determine the most suitable techniques for your specific processes.

1) For which transactions will you involve staff-members (real people ‘in the back-office’) and for which transactions will you offer automatic, Self-Service features to your customer.

2) For which transactions do you want to involve video. There are two basic techniques : the intelligent Video Avatar interacting automatically with your customer or live video communication with your staff-members.

In the quadrant below the differences are illustrated.

Typically the Level of Service is higher when real people are involved; and the Level of Service is higher with Live Video. The associated operational costs are accordingly.

Customer-Centric Digital Transformation



Realtime Full Interaction using Live
Video/Audio Communication & Data



Real time Interaction using slides controlled
by Agent intervention and by automatic



Fully Automatic Self-Service Supported by
Intelligent, Interactive Video/Audio Avatar



Fully Automatic Self-Service Without
Video/Audio Avatar; using intelligently
interacting slides.


Compelling Business Reasons

The Strategic Objectives are:

01. Sustainable Cost Reductions
02. Improved Operational Productivity
03. Service Excellence

You have the ability to offer a 360 -solution i.e. every single 'point of contact' between your customer and your organisation can be covered: both physical Service Points (Agencies with Kiosks) and Online Engagement (website, computer, mobile,...) can be mixed effectively.

We custom-build the configurations (hardware & software) and design the process flows to achieve this.

The building-blocks to custom-build these Solutions are useable regardless the location of your co-workers and of your customers.


Watch how Live Video helps to improve your Level of Service.

Digital Evolution - Survival of the Fittest

The only certainty is, that everything is uncertain. The only constant is change. What can go wrong, will
go wrong. Perceptions and expectations of your customers are key to survival.

The processes-as you/we will design them initially - will be scrutinized on a daily basis and will be subject to frequent changes. That is normal and that is how it should be. In fact, experience has taught us that typically - within 12 months - the process changes vary between 40 and 60%!
There is no model that will work perfectly from the start and there is certainly no model that will continue to work for a few years. All the circumstances, requirements, expectations, environment, business conditions, staff, expertise, technolgies, etc... are in motion all the time. What is more: the speed of change is exponential and will always go faster. Just like it is the case in nature, your System will need to adapt and evolve to guarantee a fit with what is required.

With this' permanent-change inevitability' in mind, the system has been designed to supply detailed reporting on everything that expired during your interactions with your customers; on the fly. This data provides intimate insight in the operations as a whole and in specific information such as the occupancy of the Agents, satisfaction level of customers, response times to service a customer, services provided, utilization of resources such as kiosks and websites, etc

Optionally, for added Quality Assurance, this Reporting can include Streaming (to monitor online what is going on in realtime) and Recording (for review and training).

The actual System has been designed especially to allow easy changes of the processes. Typically these changes can be implemented overnight or within a few days.

These Reporting Tools and structure of the System will enable you to continuously improve your processes. That is essential. There is always room for improvement. There simply is no finish-line.

The Services Factory™

When it comes to Digital Transformation, the most effective way to improve your productivity while increasing the level of Customer Service, is by focusing on what is essential and by thinking of your Service & Sales Organisation as a customer-centric Factory-in-the-Cloud. Indeed, Service and Sales Operations can learn a lot from over a century of Management Science in manufacturing.

Many of these scientific and proven methods can be used for your business. The hidden potential is phenomenal.

If implemented correctly, you can achieve break through results.Your Service will be more Personal and more Personalized. Your customers will appreciate this added service dimension immensely.


Watch this brief video clip to understand how the 'Factory in the Cloud' works and what the benefits are.

The Implementation Process

Our Business and Technical Analysts will be with you from day-one. It starts by identifying your requirements, objectives, strategies, limitations, ICT environment,...

The second phase is to design the Transaction & Interaction flow. You can do that yourself, or our specialized Analysts can do it, or we do it together.

In the third step, the screens and user interfaces are designed. All technical and human resources that will be required to support the process are identified and evaluated.

In the technical design phase, all the above is translated into an all-encompassing technical design, describing all interactions, interlinks, exchanges of information, methods of communication, security techniques,...

In the following step the actual coding will be done. There are typically 3 types of specialized developers involved : front-end, the actual process and the back-end. The development is done in an 'agile way'. The aim is to come up with a first working prototype within a short period of time. You will be able to see how it will 'look and feel' like.

In step 6, the Alpha versions are tested, the first debugging takes place, the processes are scrutinized and assessed by multi-functional teams. Subsequently a Beta version is released. Again thorough testing and re-assessments take place. Typically this includes, customers and agents who will work with the system. Again debugging will be done and changes will be implemented.

When everybody is on-board with the Production Version and when fully tested, the system will Go Live. As of that very moment, the Continuous Improvement program kicks in (see higher).

More Information

Teleportel is undisputed market leader in this specialized field. Our customers include Government, Large Multi-Nationals and
Medium-sized companies, worldwide.

This leaflet provides more information on the Digital Transformation & Customer Journey.

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Digital Transformation & Customer Journey is the Core Business of Teleportel. Since the inception of the company (2001) a rich Suite of solutions and a wealth of experience and expertise has been accumulated. We do know exactly what works and what will not work. It may very well be that this form of Personal Digital Transformation is not achievable for your organisation and your business.

We invite you to contact us for an initial Preliminary Analysis discussion (+/- 3 hours) during which we will assess your specific situation. This discussion and preliminary analysis is for free and without any obligation and is under NDA.

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Based on the outcome of this initial session, we will determine if this type of Digital Transformation and/or the Customer Journey is a viable option for your organisation and for your environment.

If that is indeed the case, we can analyse your current and proposed process flow. Based on that Functional Analysis, we will be in a position to predict your possible ROI with very high accuracy. The projected ROI will be hard because we will know almost exactly how much time you will save and how you can eliminate bottlenecks in your process flows.

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