The Teleportel Reception Suite

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Digital Reception

‘Digital Reception’ refers to a modernized and technology-driven approach to managing the front desk or reception area within an organization. It leverages digital tools and software solutions to enhance visitor management, streamline check-in processes, and improve overall communication and efficiency at the entrance point. With the Digital Reception, there is no human involvement : the processes are handled digitally or ‘electronically’.


at time of invitation, the Host (i.e. person inviting the guest) pre-registers the Guest. A mail is automatically sent to the guest. That mail contains the visit-details (address, contact details of the host, parking facilities, public transport details, what to expect upon arrival at the reception kiosk, security measures, etc..). The content of this email is provided by you and needs to be prepared only one time and will be re-used many times. Included with that mail is a QR code (or PIN code). Upon arrival, the Guest scans the QR code at the Reception Kiosk (or enters the PIN code). As a result the registration process is initiated automatically and the Host is notified (see below).


the identity and time or arrival is registered in the ‘Visitor Logbook’. If the Guest did not receive a QR code prior to arrival, he / she can enter the details using the touchscreen. The visitor is registered in the ‘Fire List’ (i.e.’who is in the building’).


an e-mail and/or SMS message is sent to the host when the guest registers. The Host ‘accepts’ this message in which case he /she will pick up the guest. But the Host can also ‘refuse’ the request or the guest may perhaps not respond within one minute or not respond at all. In this case, an alternative process is automatically initiated (for instance notifying another person, making a telephone call with another colleagues, printing a document with instructions or establishing a live video connection with a remote receptionist). The screen below is an example of how to notify the host without a QR code. The names, email addresses and GSM cell numbers are uploaded by you to an SFTP server in a secure way to ensure GDPR compliance.


a badge can be printed or an RFID badge can be issued to the Guest.

Paper Badge

RFID Badge


an eID card or passport can be scanned for authentication and identification purposes . The user interface is intuitive and very easy to use.

Integration with Access Control systems :

the above process(es) can be integrated with the existing access control system (for instance to allow access to the premises, using the speedlanes, speedgates, tourniquets, etc..). In the back-end, identities of the guests and time stamps are registered in the access control system. Access security is ensured and full reporting is available.

Visitor Services

this custom-built option offers additional self-service features to the Guest. Examples include : ordering lunch, reserving a taxi, checking available meeting rooms or workspaces, request general information such as WiFi code, public transport details, etc.. An example of a taxi-ordering service is shown below.


The Digital Reception kiosk accomodates the delivery and pick-up of parcels. The lionshare of the activities involved with deliveries can be handled without human involvement. Depending on your specific delivery needs, a customized program is put into place. This Facility can be integrated with parcel lockers. Emails and SMS notification messages are sent upon receipt of a delivery.

Much More

What is described above are the most used Building Blocks of the Digital Reception. However, you should know that there are more – less frequently used – features available. Needless to say that not all the building blocks will be required for your Reception. All the standard building blocks are modularly available and are carefully selected to be used to custom-build your Reception Solution, specifically configured to ensure meeting exactly your requirements. We are available to work with you to make the analysis of your needs and wishes and propose the right solution for your Reception. Complete and submit below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.