The Next-Generation Parcel Delivery Kiosk™ offers a whole new Locker User Experience

As global market leader in this niche, Teleportel (since 2001) has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in 'one-to-one, high quality live video interaction between a 'user' and an 'agent' whereby all possible transactions are supported'. A complete 'Suite of highly secured, Live Interaction Technologies and many unique features have been developed over the years. This is not speculative or experimental technology but in use in over 30 countries, worldwide; mostly in mission critical applications.These technologies are now integrated into our Parcel Locker system. Thanks to this integration, we have reached a whole new level of Experience and Service in the arena of Parcel Lockers. That is why we call it the 'NextGen Parcel Locker'.

The Parcel Delivery Locker in its most basic form


Drop Off Pick-up
Courier login Receive SMS
Scan parcel barcode Enter phone number
Input receiver' sphonenmbr Enter password
Select a locker unit Take parcel
Drop off parcel& close door Close the door
Auto-SMS sent to receiver

Standard Locker Size

The Advantages of the Standard Locker System (Basic System)

  • Rugedized finishing vandalism proof
  • 15 touchscreen
  • Various locker sizes customized
  • Refrigetated lockers are available if required
  • Designed to fit in contemporary interiors
  • Redundant software
  • Remote management software for centralized
  • management
Size Door opening size Max. opening no.
XL L 432 X H 598 X D 520/460 mm 6
L L 432 X H 448 X D 520/460 mm 8
XL L 432 X H 296 X D 520/460 mm 12
L L 432 X H 145 X D 520/460 mm 24
The opening size can be evently or a mixture of the above sizes door opening per each locker
One console can control one or more extension lockers, it can control up to 300 dors.

However, there is a lot more... that is why this is the NextGen Parcel Locker Kiosk™

The Standard Locker system -as decribed above - is the most basic version. It is for Self-Service purposes only and it is limited in features and interactive intelligence. However, it is possible to provide Automatic Intelligent Interaction with the User in combination with Service over Distance when deliveries or pick-ups are made by suppliers and users. The Remote Receptionist can also interact live with the Smartphone of the user using our 'LIVECOM Locker App'. All this gives a whole new dimension to the Parcel Locker and to Service Delivery as 'experience'. A locker is no longer a locker

New in Facilities Management: Assisted Parcel Lockers

The 'Assisted Parcel Locker' is the culmination of many years of on-going development in systems aiming at the highest level of hospitality. This new development is a giant step in the management of Receptions. A personal a warm reception of the guests is combined with safe and efficient handling of parcels (deliveries).

Thanks to this integrated combination of different technologies , all reception functions are performed fully automatically and/or over distance. This Hospitality & Locker Desk not only slashes costs (manpower), but also significantly improves the level of service to guests and users.

If not on the Smartphone, then the Automatic Video Avatar and/or the Live Agent (residing in remote location; for instance from the workplace) can appear on the integrated locker screen or on a separate display. The choice is yours.

The person in the remote location serves the customer as if both would be in the same location. Objects can be visually inspected, people can be authenticated, signing for receipt can be done, receipts can be printed, etc...

The user can be served in the language of choice.

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A few of the optional features that are available :

  • Custom-built exactly to meet your requirements
  • Different sizes touch screen (11', 19', 21', 23', 27' ).
  • Refrigerated lockers
  • Sensors to verify if an object is actually inside the locker
  • Document printer, ticket printer, barcode printer,...
  • Barcode scanner 2D & 3D, NFC, QR, RFID,...
  • ID card reader, passport reader, loyalty card reader,...


  • Video Avatar or Audio Avatar helping/supporting the user (many different languages)
  • High-Quality HD Live Video Chat from the touchscreen, with receptionist in remote location
  • Automatic, dynamic routing to the most suitable Receptionist who serves the customer
  • Locker automatically establishes connection with remote receptionist. And vice versa.
  • Remote Receptionist operates the lockers over distance while interacting with the user
  • Camera surveillance and Streaming & Recording of all activities
  • Communication between User and Live Agent can be in video, audio, telephone,..
  • Motion detection and recognition (gender, age, emotions,...).
  • Agenda integration and live interaction with your databases (API)
  • Authentication of the user (fingerprint, facial, signature,...)
  • Visual inspection of a box or object; over distance and taking a snapshot
  • Signing for receipt
  • Sending automatic messages (status delivery, expiration dates, alerts, etc..) via SMS, e-mail, app notification, etc... to different individuals in the delivery-chain.


Every locker-cupboard features integrated micro-processors and relays, which enable us to intervene instantly over distance when a malfunction is reported (which happens very rarely). Also every day all the systems are monitored preventively and routinely over distance. Power outage or network problems are reported instantly to the organisation using the lockers (i.e. typically your ICT department). This is a very effective way to support the locker cabinets remotely. On site interventions occur very seldomly but if they do, then you can count of short response times. Everything possible is put in place to ensure the maximum systems' availability.

The above list is not exhaustive. Basically we can deliver exactly what you need and we build and program to achieve this tailor-made Service. Let us know what it is that you are looking for to create the perfect Parcel-User Experience for your activities.



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