Teleportel (since 2001) is Specialist in Advanced Reception Technologies. Over the last 2 decades, Teleportel developed not less than 54 different ‘Building Blocks’ (i.e. specific dedicated Reception technologies) to allow integrated, custom-built reception applications. The key-word is ‘integration’ i.e. the different Reception technologies are in permanent, real-time communication with other systems. This allows to offer the best possible user experience at the lowest possible cost, at the highest possible level of physical security. There is no need to choose between these 3 objectives : you can enjoy the benefits of all 3, at the same time. Without having to compromise.

The Reception Integration Matrix

The power and the key to effectiveness comes from clever combinations of different technologies and resources. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ Reception Solution. It all depends on your objectives and resources. Every Reception is different. So is yours.
Teleportel offers 3 main types of Reception Technologies which can either replace or be combined with a physical (human) receptionist :

Digital Reception

Pre-registration, registration, notification of the host. There is no human involvement.

Virtual Reception

An A.I.-assisted Reception application and /or intelligent, pre-recorded video-content interacting automatically with the Guest. There is no human involvement.

Reception over Distance

The reception ‘kiosk’ is attended over distance, by a real receptionist residing in a remote location To this end, high-quality video is used. The quality is not comparable with web-based video chat applications (such as MS Teams, Skype, Facetime, Zoom, etc..). The very high quality of video - featuring 2D imagery or 3D Holographical Reality with genuinely aligned eye contact - is truly as effective as having a real receptionist behind the counter. You need to experience it personally to truly grasp the power of these video technologies.

These 3 Reception Technologies each feature a wide range of ‘building blocks’ (specialized hardware and software) which come into play when custom-building to meet the exact customer requirements. These building blocks have been designed to be open to be integrated with systems and databases that may already be in use.

Examples of applications to integrate with, include :

  • Visitor Management Systems
  • Access Control Systems (speedlanes, speedgates, etc..)
  • Different Agenda Systems
  • MS features such as Outlook, ADFS, Single Sign-On, etc..
  • Databases (ERP, CMS, proprietary, legacy)
  • Authentication & Identification systems
  • Ticketing and Waiting line Mgmt
  • Workplace Systems (reservation of conference rooms, working spaces, catering,…)

The best possible result

For the best possible combination of cost-savings and high quality personal service, we recommend to aim at 80% of the Reception Interaction to be Automatic and by Self-Service (featuring Digital Reception and Virtual Reception) and at 20% Live Human interaction (Reception over Distance) in combination with a real, physical receptionist , using a tablet with an advanced application.

In this video clip, you can find one example of how this looks like in real-life


The system generates the data to create detailed reporting. This includes : utilization rate of reception kiosks, occupancy of the receptionists, number of visitors per time-frame, waiting times of visitors, connecting times, time spent where, visitor satisfaction ratings, etc… This data will allow you to continuously improve the effectiveness and quality of the Reception Service. There is no finish line : there is always room for improvement when it comes to Service. The reports will reveal where the weak and strong points of the Hospitality Chain are.

This advanced reception application will enable you to reduce the number of physical receptionists while maintaining warm, personal contact with the guests at a high level of physical security. The improvements are not marginal. This will bring breakthrough results.

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