The Teleportel Reception Suite

More information on the other 2 technologies – the ‘Digital Reception and the ‘Reception over Dsitance’
- can be found here

The Virtual Reception

‘Virtual’ means ‘not real’. The term 'virtual' denotes a state of non-physical existence. In contrast to the concept of 'Reception over Distance,' the Virtual Reception process does not involve direct human participation. Rather, it employs pre-recorded video content and/or artificial intelligence-generated video footage and interactions. The fundamental configuration of the Virtual Receptionist encompasses pre-recorded content in various languages, seamlessly integrated into the reception process. In practice, guests often utilize a touchscreen interface, initially selecting their preferred language and subsequently indicating the purpose of their visit. Depending on the nature of the visit, a tailored sequence of procedures ensues, ranging from the initial salutation to badge issuance/registration, culminating in the guest's departure from the premises.

In this video clip (which is only an example) , the multi-lingual Virtual Receptionist – appearing on a 3D Holographical Reception Kiosk - co-exists with the two other Teleportel Reception solutions. The Virtual Reception works hand in hand with both the Digital Reception (registration on second screen) and the Reception over Distance - whereby a real person – residing in a remote location – will step into the process and the exact right time

The Advent of A.I.

In recent times, artificial intelligence (A.I.) technical capabilities have experienced exponential growth. Teleportel has been actively involved in the inception of this groundbreaking technology and consistently engages in ongoing learning and improvement initiatives. The burgeoning advancements in this technology are poised to significantly influence reception processes. Further insights into our trajectory in the foreseeable future can be found in the following section, 'T.A.I.R.'
In this video clip you can find an example of an A.I. feature, called ‘motion recognition’ whereby video content (not a live person) is activated upon specific instructions (in this case hand gestures) by the user. The Virtual Receptionists appears on a 3D Holographical Reality Kiosk. See more info on gesture recognition below in ’10 features’

A.I. Supported by H.I. (Human Intelligence)

The best of both worlds.

Despite the rapidly advancing capabilities of artificial intelligence (A.I.), it remains in a nascent phase, analogous to infancy in human development. Recognizing this, Teleportel incorporates a crucial 'human' element into the framework, embracing the concept of 'Human Intelligence Supporting Artificial Intelligence' (HISAI).
Under this paradigm, when the Reception Program detects doubt or uncertainty, a human intervention is seamlessly introduced. For instance, if the A.I. Receptionist encounters difficulty in comprehending the kiosk user's input or expectations, the program automatically initiates a live video connection with a human operator who can provide further assistance. This proactive measure ensures a responsive and adaptive interaction.

At the close of each day, all spoken messages that were inadequately recognized or understood, or involved miscommunication, undergo meticulous review by human operators. This diligent examination aims to prevent the recurrence of errors by updating the A.I. database. Additionally, insights derived from this daily analysis may lead to the incorporation or removal of features within the Reception Kiosk, resembling a form of 'deep learning' where the instruction and refinement come from qualified human input. This iterative process ensures a continuous improvement cycle for A.I. processes.

A brief overview of 10 potential A.I. Receptionist features:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) : enables the kiosk to comprehend and respond to user inquiries in a natural voice, facilitating the provision of information, answering frequently asked questions, or directing visitors.

  • Eye-tracking & Morphological Data Analysis: T.A.I.R. possesses eye-tracking capabilities, allowing the kiosk to take actions based on guest eye movements. Additionally, the system can estimate the visitor's age, gender, and basic emotions (stress, anger, surprise) to tailor subsequent interactions. Legal advice should be sought before implementing these features to ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

  • Object/Motion Recognition: The system recognizes objects (e.g., smartphones, wheelchairs) and hand movements, initiating relevant processes accordingly.

  • Voice Recognition: Enables user interaction with the kiosk through voice commands

  • Virtual Assistant Avatar Integration: The T.A.I.R. Avatar guides users through processes, offers information and instructions, and can adapt seamlessly to multiple languages for personalized greetings.

  • Multilingual Support: Provides real-time integrated language translation for diverse guests, facilitating receptionist-to-visitor language interpretation.

  • Accessibility Features: Utilizes AI to enhance accessibility with text-to-speech for visually impaired users and speech-to-text for deaf kiosk users.

  • Facial Recognition: With user consent, T.A.I.R. recognizes employees or other kiosk users, initiating personalized processes based on pre-defined rules. Adherence to privacy legislation is imperative when considering the implementation of facial recognition technology.

  • Data Analytics: Utilizes AI for data analytics to gather insights into user behavior and frequently asked questions, contributing to continuous improvement in Reception quality and efficiency.

  • Queue Management: Predicts peak times, allocates resources accordingly, and provides real-time updates on expected wait times, resulting in cost savings and an elevated level of reception service.

T.A.I.R. The Teleportel A.I. Receptionist

We are pleased to unveil T.A.I.R.: the Teleportel Artificial Intelligent Receptionist. This innovative technology is currently in a dynamic state of development, with ongoing daily assessments of new functionalities to determine their viability for real-world, production applications. It is essential to underscore that while T.A.I.R. is not speculative or experimental, certain features have yet to attain technical maturity. It is important to acknowledge that A.I.-based receptions are presently imperfect. However, we firmly believe that artificial intelligence represents the future of Virtual Reception, and we are committed to advancing and refining its capabilities.

Meet T.A.I.R.

This video clip serves as an illustrative example. Teleportel customizes the artificial intelligence processes to align with the specific needs and requirements of your reception processes.

Many Languages

Initiating the A.I. Interaction

The benefits for your organization

  • Welcome to the future of corporate hospitality with T.A.I.R., the Teleportel AI Receptionist—a cutting-edge addition to elevate your front-line experience.

  • Say goodbye to static reception areas; T.A.I.R. envisions a futuristic welcome for employees, clients, and guests. This digital persona is not just visually apealing but an efficient multitasker, handling inquiries, scheduling appointments, and assisting with navigation within your premises.

  • Operating 24/7, T.A.I.R. ensures a constant, reliable presence. Its natural language processing capabilities facilitate engaging conversations, eliminating long queues and missed calls. This intelligent system efficiently manages visitor flows, allowing your staff to focus on tasks where human input is indispensable and adds significant value.

  • Personalize the AI Avatar to align with your company's brand and values. Whether it's a warm greeting or a formal approach, this virtual receptionist ensures a consistent and professional representation of your organization.

  • Embrace the future of reception services with T.A.I.R., where innovation meets hospitality to redefine your company's entrance experience.

  • Finally, significant cost savings are attainable through the potential of this technology to reduce expenses by eliminating the permanent, full-time requirement for human personnel. Achieving a breakthrough in return on investment is possible by implementing A.I. technology in your reception area.

  • Welcome to a new era of intelligent reception solutions.

If you have any questions, if you would like to test or to set-up a Proof of Concept, do contact us.