Established in 2001, Teleportel has emerged as the global technical market leader in the specialized domain of 'Advanced Reception Solutions.' Our overarching strategy centers around the 'Teleportel Reception Suite™,' designed to provide a comprehensive solution for tailoring reception applications to meet diverse needs.
The 'Teleportel Reception Suite™' comprises three foundational technologies: Digital Reception, Virtual Reception, and Reception over Distance. These cutting-edge technologies are accessible to drive the customized Digital Transformation of your reception, offering a versatile and adaptable approach to meet the evolving demands of modern business landscapes.

In short

The Digital Reception, an automated solution designed to streamline guest services without the need for human intervention. This comprehensive system encompasses essential functionalities such as registration, pre-registration, notifications, badging, and more—all seamlessly executed in a purely digital or electronic manner.
The Virtual Reception takes guest services to the next level by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and intelligent video interaction programs. These innovative features, empower guests to navigate the reception process independently in a self-service mode.
The Reception over Distance allows a remote receptionist to establish a live video connection, enabling real-time interaction with guests from any location. This unique approach ensures a high level of service – with a very personal and human touch - while reducing costs.

This extensive Teleportel Reception Suite ™ is part of an even bigger platform and framework:
The Reception Value Chain TM

The Reception Value Chain TM

At the core of the 'Reception Value Chain™' lies the Suite, an integral component that embodies a vast, meticulously integrated framework. Comprising millions of lines of code and intricately designed specialized hardware devices, this framework facilitates the seamless customization of reception applications. Every facet of the value chain is intricately connected and communicates seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive flow from the front to the back and from bottom to top.
This comprehensive framework, developed and refined over two decades, boasts 54 distinct and specialized modular 'Building Blocks,' each meticulously designed to enhance the functionality of the system.

The Building Blocks

The specific Building Blocks within the Value Chain, available in a modular fashion, essential for your customized Reception Solution, are carefully chosen based on our discussions and an analysis of your reception requirements. The objective is to fulfill your exact specifications, ensuring cost-effectiveness, and providing a scalable solution to accommodate evolving needs over time. Additionally, considering potential variations in requirements across different receptions, the modularity of the Value Chain allows for flexibility in adapting processes without incurring substantial costs, thus preventing loss of investments. This approach not only optimizes your Return on Investment (ROI) but also maximizes the overall Reception Level of Service. For further details on the Building Blocks, please utilize the "MORE INFO" buttons located at the bottom of this page.

Control & Privacy

Teleportel prioritizes security and privacy with utmost seriousness. To further enhance optimization capabilities and provide comprehensive control, the system logs all immportant activities within the reception chain. This anonymized data is easily downloadable into your spreadsheet, enabling the creation of graphs, overviews, tables, and more. The statistical information encompasses various aspects, including the number of visitors, entry and exit timings, communication details with the remote receptionist (such as waiting times, connection times, and visitor satisfaction), utilization rate of kiosks, and occupancy rate of receptionists, among other metrics. In essence, you will have access to all the necessary data to continuously enhance the quality, productivity, and cost-effectiveness of your reception operations.

Personal data pertaining to guests is temporarily stored in a highly secure server. This data is retained for a limited duration, after which it is permanently deleted. However, if this data holds value for you (e.g., for reporting, training, or security reasons), it can be transferred via VPN to an SFTP server under your control before being deleted.


The Reception Suite and Reception Value Chain are not isolated technological entities; they do not function independently as mere applications. On the contrary, the system has been designed to facilitate seamless interaction with other systems throughout the entire value chain. This collaboration adheres rigorously to the highest standards of security, employing secure methods for interaction and data exchange.

Teleportel has developed APIs to enable our customers to seamlessly integrate with the system. In numerous instances, we leverage APIs and web services from other databases with which you are currently engaged. Examples of such databases encompass ADFS (for secure logins), Access Control systems, Visitor Management Systems, Workspace Management systems, Agenda systems, ERP systems, legacy databases, and more.
The integration of these diverse components results in synergies that transcend mere addition;
1 plus 1 becomes more than 2. The consequential added value to the Reception user can be substantial.

Explore the key features and unlock the potential of the Teleportel Reception Suite ™ .

Revel in the comprehensive capabilities of the Teleportel Reception Suite™ unparalleled in its category. What sets it apart is not only its unmatched completeness but also its modularity, allowing you to seamlessly select and integrate only the features essential to fulfilling your unique requirements. This bespoke approach ensures that you can tailor the suite to precisely meet your needs.

Discover here how to unleash the potential for your reception

Discover here how to unleash the potential for your reception

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