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Teleportel treats every customer as if it were our only customer. We challenge you to contact any of our clients and ask them personally what they think about our level of service and our commitment to absolute customer satisfaction. Our mission is to build long-term relationships with happy customers who stay with us for a very long time because they cannot find the same level of service elsewhere. That is our mission.

‘One-size- fits-all’ and ‘off-the- shelve’ video applications only bring about mediocre business results. Intelligently implemented tailor-made video-based solutions can lead to breakthrough results.

Video-communication technology - combined with advanced programming and ICT integration - has the potential to improve your business significantly.

However, deploying video-communication technology can also be hazardous if knowledge is lacking. Many companies have spent millions on video communication but did not get the return they were hoping for. Not to mention the adverse impact on customers and co-workers and leaving a ‘bad taste in their mouths’ forever.

Intelligently integrated video-communication does enable organizations to work differently. Better. Faster. Cheaper. More secure.

‘Video-conferencing’, ‘Telepresence’, ‘Unified Communications’ offer live video-connections enabling people to see and to hear each other and to share data. That is a helpful technology. But it does not fundamentally solve a specific business problem. It only facilitates to communicate internally and with some well-selected parties. It is a communication channel completely separate and apart from the business processes. The impact on profitability and productivity is marginal. Best case scenario, some travel expenses are reduced and time is saved. But it does not impact the P&L and bottom-line compellingly.

The core-business of Teleportel is to deploy Intelligently Integrated Video Communicaton Technology to achieve fast and sustainable breakthrough results. At a low cost.

We have been in the ‘video communication’ business since 2001. In the course of that time Teleportel has developed hardware, software and a unique set of skills and expertise. The latter includes a wide, diverse array of disciplines : business operations analysis, process re-engineering, database integration with CRM/ERP/CMS systems, 3D display technologies, aligned eye-contact configurations, networking interconnectivity, security methods techniques, user experience optimization, connectivity with peripheral equipment and agile development methods based on advanced programming and development.

We are not in the business of ‘video-conferencing’. Instead, we deploy the latest video and ICT technologies to solve specific business problems. Typical objectives include : increasing sales, servicing and supporting better, improving margins, maximizing conversion rates, achieving the best possible customer experience, strengthening buyers’ loyalty, optimizing front- and back-office operations, training, attending unattended sales points over distance, multi-channel presence, handling highly confidential transactions, eliminating duplication of actions and human involvement, tightening management control, cost reductions. About the latter: our proven track record demonstrates that hard cash savings of 50% and more, are realistic. To achieve that, we turn the ‘video-component’ into an integral part of the business process. We integrate intelligent and interactive video technologies in re-engineered and improved business practices and do it as part of the overall ICT infrastructure.

Our definition of the ‘video-component’ is a balanced combination of the fully automatic, ‘Human Avatar’ on one hand and to Live Video Connections with remote co-workers on the other hand. Our rule-of- thumb objective is to aim at automating +/- 80% of the customer interaction and let the remaining 20% be handled by remote co-workers who interact personally with the customer.

This involves a lot more than establishing a connection between two locations. Dozens of vendors can do that. But that will not solve your business problem. To make video work for YOUR company, a specialized approach and specific know-how are required. Every project is tailor-made. There are no off-the- shelve solutions that will solve your business problem effectively. At least not if you are looking for above-average financial results.

All this sounds easier than it is. One should not underestimate the level of complexity, difficulty, costs and risks involved with integrating video into business processes in complex organizations. In many corporations, ICT ‘restrictions’ and the NIH syndrome are the worst enemy of using video- communication technologies for the day-to- day business processes. In the lion’s share of the cases, those objections are not rational but they are based on – understandable - fear of the unknown. It is very difficult to get around this obstacle without specialized know-how.

If you are considering to investigate using video to improve your business – which we recommend you do - then remember : ‘Only fools rush in, where angels don’t dare to go’. Work with a specialist to achieve fast, measurable and sustainable breakthrough results. At the lowest cost and minimum risk. This may be new to you but it is not new to the world. We have done this many times. We do not ask you to take our word for this. Ask our customers. Or contact us and let us demonstrate our approach to you. You will like it.

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