The Teleportel Reception Suite

Reception over Distance

With the ‘Reception over Distance’ your Reception is attended from a remote location, by a real person, using secured, high quality video communication. It enhances customer service, professionalism and operational efficiency. The human touch adds warmth, a personalized experience, and positively reflects your brand. It's cost-effective, offering significant savings in salaries, overhead and office space. Remote receptionists provide extended hours of service and their availability to provide Reception Service - exactly when needed - is guaranteed.

More information on the other 2 technologies can be found here

How it Works

This is a 100% personal welcome of your Guest ,exactly as if the receptionist would be physically at the reception desk. Your Guest interacts live – using high quality video – with a member of staff (‘receptionist’ or ‘agent’) residing in another location. Some companies outsource this service to specialized ‘Facilities Companies’. The ‘remote receptionist’ sees to all the tasks that are expected from a receptionist : greeting the guest, offering coffee, notifying the contact person, opening the door, registration, printing the badge and answering any question the guest may have.

About the communication technology

Most video-chat communication systems, use ‘media servers’ to communicate using video and audio. In other words : the participants are ‘meeting’ and ‘communicating’ in a cloud server. Very often it is not clear where these servers are hosted, who controls them and how many other organizations are using the very same server. Moreover, this technology suffers from delays and lip-synchronization issues.

Teleportel uses a different technology whereby all the video connections are established on a P2P basis and the communication is encrypted. The server that is used is not a ‘media server’ but a ‘signaling server’ and is dealing only with the ‘signaling’ (i.e. not with the video & audio communication). These servers are hosted on US Soil for American customers , on UK Soil for British organizations and on EER Soil for European companies. This to ensure compliance with privacy regulations. All this adds to security. The Teleportel customers have the option to take the cyber security even one step further by using a private, dedicated server. This server has a fixed public IP address, which can be used in the firewalls of the customer’s network. Also the server is not shared with other companies. The servers are redundant and the up-time is at least 99,99%. All this results in high video quality with no lipsync issues or other aberrations that are often associated with video chat.

Teleportel offers 3 types of ‘Reception Equipment’

The D.I.Y. (Do-it-Yourself) Reception

You provide the hardware yourself and Teleportel provides the Software. This is undoubtedly the most economic way to attend your reception over distance. Moreover it is very easy and fast to implement : the activation can literally be done overnight !

The 2D Reception Kiosks

The Remote Receptionist appears in front of your Guest on a 2D screen of a powdercoated, robust, elegant kiosk; which can be equiped with peripheral equipment such as QR scanners, badge printers, RFID badge dispenser, eID reader, passport scanner, document printer, document camera, etc… In total 25 models 2D Kiosks are available in desktop, wallmount and floorstand format. The 2D Kiosks are available for use Indoor and Outdoor. The most popular ‘family’ of the wide range of Teleportel kiosks is the ‘RealReceptionist’ (which can also be found in the link below)

Some customers choose to combine the ‘Reception over Distance’ with ‘Parcel Lockers’. This system enables the remote receptionist to attend the locker cupboard over distance, with the ability to operate the locker-doors over distance, while interacting live with the guest or delivery service. The Reception screen can be physically separate from the cupboard or can be integrated, it all depends on your requirements. We will custom-build the Parcel Locker system to ensure your needs are matched.

The 3D Holographical Reality Reception Kiosks

This 3D Display technology (also refered to as ‘Teleportation for Business’) is without any doubt the most advanced way to communicate over distance. The Receptionist (residing in another location) seems to be really physically present : she /he appears life-sized, in 3D and with aligned eye-contact (see below). There is no visible screen or camera. Most guests do not realize that the Receptionist is actually in another location. This truly is as good as being there ! The sense of presence is very strong but cannot be experienced on the 2D screen you are watching right now. One has to be physically in front of the Kiosk to understand and experience this authentic sense of presence. Chances are that you have not seen this before. But different models are on display in our demo facility. Do not hesitate : you will not forget soon and you will not be disappointed. That is a guarantee.

Genuinely Aligned eye-contact

A unique Teleportel characteristic is the ‘aligned eye-contact’ whereby the receptionist looks the guest straight into the eyes. That makes a big difference when it comes to establishing rapport and conveying trust. Aligned eye-contact cannot be achieved when using ‘classic’ equipment because the camera is placed outside the display area of the unit being used by the remote receptionist. As a result, the eye-line of the receptionist goes down vis-à-vis the camera and the result is that the receptionist is not looking the guest into the eyes but looking above his/her head or at his/her chest. This is a serious human communication disconnect.

Aligned Eye-contact makes a big difference when it comes to a warm and personal welcome !



Teleportel developed patented , dedicated Agent Workstations designed to achieve both the 3D imagery and the aligned eye-contact. These Workstations are not mandatory or obligatory but optional. In other words : you may also want to use a laptop for the Receptionist but in that case there will be no aligned eye-contact.

The Agent Workstation

A ‘Reception over Distance’ requires a lot more than establishing a live video communication. In fact that is probably the smallest and most simple component of the total reception solution. It is everything in the Reception process around this (before, during and after the live video call) that makes the big difference in reception quality and effectiveness. For an efficient workflow organization in ‘the back-office’ (i.e. receptionists working from the same or from many different locations) and to ensure a 100% service to the guest, specialized software has been developed. Reasons being that it must be to avoided to ‘forget’ a guest after he / she pushed the button, to prevent queus and waiting times, to allow all the possible transactions and interactions required at the reception.

These are the 10 most commonly used features:

  • Intelligent, Dynamic, Automatic Routing to the most suitable agent (based upon the skills of the agents) who is currently available.

  • Complete overview of all the Kiosks including their real-time status : is the kiosk online (power, network), is the kiosk currently connected with another agent, where and how long have visitors been waiting, …

  • Live Video Communication that can be switched between different reception kiosks within 2 seconds. Ongoing calls can be transfered to a colleague. Also telephone calls (from the Kiosk) can be integrated.

  • On-Hold : the ongoing call can be put on-hold while a second call is being handled. In the meantime the visitor at Kiosk 1 watches a video clip (providing usefull information). A kiosk can also be placed ‘out of service’ (for instance when the agent is temporarily not available) and switch automatically to the Virtual Receptionist.

  • Waiting Line & Queue Management

  • Content sharing : a screen can be shared with a visitor, even from another computer and other network (without having to make a connection between the two networks)

  • Registration of the Guest and Printing or Issueing an RFID badge

  • Opening doors, speedlanes, locker cupboards.

  • Authenticating eID cards and passports

  • Scanning & Saving documents or objects the guest is presenting

If you have any questions, if you would like to test or to set-up a Proof of Concept, do contact us.