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The latest technologies enable companies to Transform their Reception into a Next Generation Alternative which not only offers improved Visitor Experience and Enhanced Security but which also results in Substantial, Sustainable Cost Reductions. Overnight.

Since its inception in 2001, Teleportel has developed 54 specialized Building Blocks, for Reception Applications and Visitor Management.

These Systems will become main stream in the near future. Yet, today most people are not aware of the technical possibilities for the enhanced Hospitality and Security.

In this Webinar you will Learnin little time, what took decades to develop. We want to share this knowledge and expertise with you in this Webinar.

During the webinar, the under lying techniques will be explained. The challenges, draw backs, pitfalls and work arounds will be outlined. Practical, live examples with background information will illustrate how this already works today for many companies.

You will have every opportunity to pose any question that you may have before, during and after the sessions.

The Webinar involves 4 Sessions (30 – 45 minutes each). To enjoy the full benefit of this Webinar and to ensure a Full Understanding, you should attend all 4 sessions. Here is a brief overview with there spective topics.


    Best Practices for a Reception without a Receptionist

  • The Business Opportunities
  • The Challenges , Risks and Road blocks
  • The Critical Success Factors
  • The Do’s and Don’ts

    The Front-End:
    where you Guest /
    Customer is

  • The perfect Interface for the best possible Visitor Experience
  • The Environment, the Equipment, theTechnologies
  • Hospitality & Security
  • Legal Considerations

    The Visitor Management Process: how to
    process your Guest

  • The Exact Right Flow For Your Specific Situation
  • Virtual vs Real People
  • Automation vs Personal
  • Registration, Notification, Communication

    The Back-End: where
    your Staff and your
    Systems are

  • Organizing your Back-Office and Agents without mistakes or stress
  • Making sure No Guest is Ever Left Unattended
  • Secure and Effective Integration with your ICT systems
  • Ensuring Effective Visitor Management & Satisfied Guests

Take Advantage of Two Decades of Expertise and Experience,... in a Nutshell.

Upon receipt of your Registration, we will share the Webinar Access Link and the Complete Schedule with the Dates for you to choose from.

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