Screen: 16:9, Landscape
Screen-size: 22”
H x W x D (cm): 144 x 59 x 59
Colour: Black, RAL9003
Material: Powder-coated steel
Model: Free standing
The Versatility Kiosk™ the most complete Kiosk available in the world today. It supports almost all business transactions. The unit can be used for Reception & Hospitality Desks and for Service and Sales Points. The device combines Self-Service features with Live Video Communication. The list of peripherals that can be integrated into the unit, is long : all types of printers, all kinds of scanners and readers, authentication devices, secondary screens and auxiliary cameras, privacy panels, etc.
The list of Software is even more impressive : Video and Audio Avatar, Text-to- Speech, A.I. and Recognition software, Pre-Registration Module, Recording, … The Kiosk can securely be integrated into your ICT environment, interlinking it via API’s, webservices, etc… The Cloud functionalities include Dynamic Routing, Reporting, Streaming, …

The list goes on and on. But what is important for you is that all the options and features are available to support your transactions and to meet exactly your specific requirements and expectations. We will build the Kiosk hardware and the Process Software to match your business processes, to achieve the best possible customer experience and to deliver a very favorable Return On Investment.

Watch this clip to get a better idea of what the Versatility Kiosk™ can do to improve your Level of Service and to boost your Productivity.

REAL-LIFE EXAMPLE : In this video-clip, the Versatility Kiosk™ is used as main Reception Counter in a highly secured energy plant. The Kiosk combines the text-to-speech-Avatar with live video connections and with the Security Video & questions


Standard Equipent: HD camera, microphone, speaker.

Optional equipment: eID reader, QR / barcode reader, badge / ticket printer, passport scanner, A4 document printer, document camera

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