Multi-channel video communication systems for personal service in retail banking, private banking and ATM.

With the advent of ATMs and Internet banking, banks have extended their reach to customers, but have lost the comfort of personal service. It is however possible to retain all of the benefits of electronic banking while extending the bank services to include true personal service with eye contact between bank agents and customers. It is possible for banks to deliver true personal service in a cost effective and customer friendly manner. Our extensive and first-hand experience with this application has proven over and over again that the clients do accept this technology totally and consider it the equivalent of a physically present person. A telepresent bank agent across the desk can establish trust through eye contact and develop rapport with his or her customers. Financial institutions can avoid the costs of operating attended offices and the traveling of bank specialists while -at the same time-offering customers improved personal service.

The bank agent can have access to the customers banking information, which will be on the secure bank network. The bank employee can select to display information on a data screen in the room with the customers. ID card readers can be connected as well as payment devices including biometric authentication technologies. A printer will remotely print documents and a scanner can be used to transmit duly signed documents.

These systems can be placed in all locations where lots of people can make use of it : shopping malls, large plants or office buildings or industrial areas, hospitals, universities, public locations like railway stations or airports, etc... The bank can now be at the disposal of its customers 24/7. Personally. Face to face.

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