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The custom-built 3D Kiosks are open to be be equiped with scanners, printers, authentication equipment, document readers, etc...

Custom 3D kiosk

Although Teleportel has standard models 3D kiosks on offer – as you can see in the Line Up - most of our deliveries is for custom-built configurations. That means that we build exactly to the specs and the budget of our customers.

We believe that there is probably no standard, one-size fits-all system that will work exactly for your specific application, environment, customers and business. Therefore we offer you the possibility to custom-build your own solution.

The choice is wide : which display technology is best for your location and available footprint, different size displays, different types of displays (high-bright, HD, 4K, OLED, etc..), touch- or no touchscreen, type of material the Kiosk is built in (metal, HiMax, wood, etc..), colors, signage on the unit, one or two display configurations, wall-mount or floor-mount or counter-top, different types of peripherals such as printer(s), scanner(s), document camera(s), identification and authentication devices, fixed or moveable units, integrated in or behind a wall or panel, for indoor or outdoor use, public location or semi-public location, etc…

Let us know what your preferences are and we will be happy to submit a favorable quotation for a configuration that will be a perfect match with your functional, organizational and aesthetic requirements.

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