'Digital Signage and More' takes the buyers' experience, interaction and engagement to the next level.

'Digital Signage and More' combines on-line, in-store and mobile retail services. It offers the shopper the omni-channel experience that connects the online and mobile marketing with bricks-and-mortar store experience. Using the system could not be made easier. Training is not needed. But it does do a lot more than digital signage as you know it.... 'Digital Signage and More' takes the next step in customer engagement and sales : it personalizes contact with shoppers, the intelligent and fully-automatic avatar assist the customer in the buying process, live video connections over distance with sales agents in remote locations or other stores close the sale, automatic alerts of sales agents in the store to offer instant support to the shoppers, displaying unparallelled stunning video on the 3D4K-display, etc...

For one single store or for hundreds of stores with thousands of screens. Highly scaleable. You provide the content. We will get your message across and....help you close the sale. Fast implementation. Low cost of ownership.

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