From the workplace, any member of your
staff can attend your Front Desk Reception

The Live Business Receptionist improves service and saves costs

The latest technologies allow you to welcome your guests over distance, without compromising the level of service. A co-worker in another location connects in high quality video with your guests. Instantly and effortlessly. Your co-worker does not need any special equipment : a computer and internet suffice.

Your guest touches the screen to establish the video connection. Or the system can be triggered by movement detection for an automatic connection. Or the guest can also click the name of the contact person that he/she is visiting. In this case, the contact person receives an SMS or e-mail, without having to involve a member of your staff.

The video-connections are secured and encrypted. The system uses the latest technologies and is not comparable with programs such as 'Skype' or technologies such as video-conferencing. Moreover, thanks to the patented concept for the Agent Workstation (i.e. computer used by the Remote Receptionist) he or she will appear with aligned eye-contact (looking the guest straight into the eyes and not above or below as is the case with conventional video-chats).

The video & audio quality is high and without lipsynch problems or other aberrations that are sometimes associated with video communication. Yet, the bandwidth (network) requirements are low.

The remote receptionist could be anywhere in the world. That could be in the same building (for instance a staff member who 'stands in') or it could be in another city or even country. Or in a call-center. Thanks to dynamic, intelligent routing the call can be routed automatically to the best available member of staff who is currently available.

The system eliminates the idle time of the receptionists and/or it supports the receptionist who is busy 'by calling in a member of staff from another location'. Waiting times and queuing can be a thing from the past.

The remote receptionist can print badges, documents, issue magnetic keys,
scan and authenticate identification, etc...

How YOU deploy this new technology depends entirely on your strategy. You could opt to only activate the screen when your receptionist is temporary unavailable, busy or absent. Or you could use the service outside office hours. Or, you could use it 24/7. Or you could use only when there are queues and waiting lines. In all cases, the service to your guests will be impeccable. It is as personal as being there. Your receptionist is present when the guest is in need of service, but ONLY then.

The visitors are logged. With the system comes a complete reporting module. This allows you to run detailed statistical reports on everything that expired : who arrived and left when, what the waiting times, what was the guests' customer satisfaction rating, etc... This give you control and helps you to streamline your processes.

Best of Both Worlds

Many companies feel that the physical presence of a well-trained recepionist is absolutely necessary for the image of the Company. There is a lot of truth and value in that statement. Also for some transactions, the presence of a real person is required. In many situations, the Receptionist is essential . On the other hand, it is not realistic to expect - nor is it economically viable - to have a receptionist present all the time, every time a visitor walks in. The Receptionist simply cannot be there every minute of the day and may be absent planned or unexpectedly. It is not always easy to cater for an immediate, adequate replacement.

Also at times, it may be busy at the reception and there may be too much work for one person. In this case, the receptionist may need assistance.
For these reasons, many choose for a combination of their existing Receptionist with the Teleportel Reception. Via a tablet, smartphone or tablet, the receptionist sets the status of the Teleportel Reception. Depending on the selection of the status (office open or closed, is receptionist present or absent and if so for how long) the Teleportel Reception will serve the visitor in a specific mode, customized for your situation.

The Teleportel Reception will serve and process the visitor automatically or a live agent – residing in a remote location – will do so over distance, from the workplace. This colleague could be anywhere in the world and can welcome and register the visitor, from a standard Windows computer. The receptionist – regardless of location - is kept up-to-date, in realtime of any visitor who is demanding attention or is being served by the Teleportel Reception. The Receptionist can take appropriate action, over distance. Thanks to this feature, you can combine the best of both worlds with a 100% guaranteed service to your guest, at the lowest possible cost and without unnecessary stress to ensure presence of a qualified receptionist at all times.



A wide range of models is available. Morevever, many different peripherals and software modules can be added : from a simple All-in-One Reception System to the most advanced and sophisticated 3D Holographical Reality model. There is a system for every for every lobby and for every budget. Also for your specific application and situation. In total there are 25 models available. Hereunder a short overview of the most popular , standard models. But bear in mind that there are lot more configurations and that we custom-build to match exactly your requirements. Contact us to learn more.



2D Pedestal

2D Medium Height

2D Full Height

2D Versatility Kiosk

2D Outdoor


The InWall

This automated system enables a host to welcome a guest personally without involvement of a receptionist.
The host awaits the guest in the lobby upon arrival.

The remote receptionist appears live in front of the visitors : it truly feels as if she is standing behind the front desk. Badges can be printed remotely and a picture of the visitors can be taken, including their time of entry in the building. Thanks to a digital sign-in screen, the visitor can register. Being welcomed by a friendly, live-size, 3D receptionist – with real eye contact – is a welcome that one will not soon forget. The receptionist can also deal with other tasks such as e-mail, telephone and secretarial tasks. Various models and finishing are available, depending on the specific environment and customer requirements. The unit can be integrated behind a wall or can be used 'stand-alone'. This is a very cost-saving, high-image application and it is as effective as a physical person behind the front desk.

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You can work with your own staff to act as remote receptionist. Or you can choose to outsource. Or a combination of both ; for instance to cope with peak-moments or to ensure presence outside office hours.

Besides realizing substantial savings, the system offers many possibilities. The receptionists can welcome visitors in different locations in the building. The remote-receptionist, - located in a central call center – can appear live in front of the visitors, 24 hours/ 7 days. This solution can also provide language services for foreign visitors with specific language requirements; regardless of his or her language.

The system can be integrated with online language interpretation offered by to enable live communication with any visitor, regardless his or her language.


Manpower Group

European Commission

Remote hosts and hostesses welcome your visitors at your events, open houses, seminars,meetings, etc... The visitors can register themselves or the remote hostess can do it for them. The badges are printed remotely. Applications include of course welcoming the guests but can also include ticketing (ticket sales). Or in-house hospitality counters provide assistance for in-house facilities (toilets, restaurants, use of wifi, etc..).

The use of pre-recorded content (video answers to F.A.Q.) saves time and will decrease the burden placed on your Agents. The visitor will receive an instant, pre-recorded reply, in the language of his or her choice. For the less frequent or 'personal' questions, the visitor establishes a connection with a live person (i.e. your agent). Your agents could combine this 'hosting'-job with other actvitities and simply 'turn their chair' towards the screen when the visitor in the remote location pushes the button.

The hosts and hostesses can offer assistance ; when required by the visitor or shopper.

Temp Agency Attended over Distance

The hospitality counters can also be placed in public locations like shopping malls or stores or other locations where many people gather. The systems can for instance be used to assist shoppers, for market research (shopper surveys), to sell, to provide support, etc...

The bottom line : there will always be a remote host available when required by the visitor or shopper. Reduced cost through avoidance of idle time while providing perfect customer service !

Security Instructions

When entering a plant or facility, visitors are sometimes invited to watch a video- presentation and answer a few questions to ensure they understood the instructions. Keeping these instructions and the content up-to- date proves to be a challenge. CARSIV™ is a cloud-tool enabling you to cope with this challenge.


Reception with
Holographical Reality ™

Introduction to Holographical Reality™

Our technology generates high definition imagery that appears within the three dimensional setting of a room to create a sense of reality. Holographical Reality™ appears as real as life with a physical presence that is a measurable distance from its backdrop. The holographical imagery is viewed without any encumbrances of technical gear to be worn on the head, as is required for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality. Most importantly, Holographical Reality™ can display full motion of pre-recorded HD content or transmission over a distance of live two-way communication.

Display of Life-Size Person

The Holographical Reality™ systems are capable of displaying a person appearing to be present at life- size within the three dimensional setting of a room. In particular, they can effectively create the perception of a person appearing to be at a reception desk within a lobby through live transmission of 3D Teleportel. The receptionist would not appear as an image on a video monitor, but would appear as a real person with true depth at a measurable distance in front of the wall behind. TelePresence Tech has a dozen years of experience in delivering hundreds of Holographical Reality™ systems in over 30 countries, including live 3D TelePresence for reception applications.

Response to Video Monitor

It has become common to see video monitors everywhere in public places, such as shopping malls, airports, commercial buildings and reception lobbies. These monitors are large enough to display people at life-size as they appear in programs on news channels, promotional videos, weather reports, etc. When we enter a lobby we intentionally try to ignore the television screens to look for a person who can help us. No person would think to go up to a video monitor to ask for help. A visitor entering a lobby for the first time will instinctively reject any flat display device and will be immediately be drawn to the appearance of a three dimensional person within the room through Holographical Reality™ . The live transmission of the holographic image brings a new dimension to the file of telepresence technology.

Proven Response in Public Settings

We have documented results of our Holographical Reality™ systems capturing the attention of people passing by. In many exhibitions and events the 3D presence of a person was a proven advantage over competing mundane flat screen content. The Holographical Reality™ solutions are supported by staff members that transmit from one of the Teleportel compact "Studio" transmission systems, which can be placed on a desk in a workplace or a call center.

Efficiency of Video Reception

It is well known that an automated reception process for visitors to sign in can be more cost effective than paying staff members to sit in the lobby. However, it is also well understood that a visitor coming to a company for the first time will make their "first impression" based on their reception. An impersonal reception can set a negative response not only to the arrival process, but to the impression of the company as a whole. The true advantage of the Holographical Reality™ solution is that it conveys a sensitivity and appreciation of creating a natural and friendly human experience. The Holographical Reality™ solution can be integrated into the lobby to achieve an Immersive Telepresence experience.

Welcomed with a Smile

It is always appreciated to be welcomed with a smile. Seeing a person in front of you is a different experience than being faced with a technical barrier of interfacing with a computer program for inputting your required data. Holographical Reality™ displays a person who can greet you in a friendly manner and help you to get inside for an appointment. The Holographical Reality™ solution is typically a combination of pre-recorded video greetings and responses with a managed service to directly connect the visitor to the appropriate person quickly and efficiently. We meet with our clients at the beginning of the process to understand their business and corporate image. From this we produce a communications process matrix to address everything from an initial greeting through each step of welcoming a visitor to the company in order to introduce the visitor to the correct company representative for the purpose of their visit. The Holographical Reality™ program may be produced in 4K for the ultimate 3-D holographic experience.

More than a Receptionist

If a live person was hired to sit at a reception desk, this person would need to respond to multiple requirements and may need to call upon other people to perform the unique requirements in the lobby. By comparison a Holographical Reality™ solution may display a life-size "Holographic Person" to provide an initial greeting in English. The Holographical Reality™ solutions have a touchscreen interface for a visitor to select choices, such as language or purpose of a visit. Instantly upon selection, a Holographic Person speaking the visitor's language or representative of the department for the visit will appear. Also, the system has a computer with a camera and microphone with the capability to use Artificial Intelligence programs to perform video recognition and voice recognition to determine the next response. Each Holographical Reality™ system is connected to a video operating system at secure servers in the Cloud for real-time and automated routing and forwarding of video for intelligent management of communications.

Total Holographical Reality™

Teleportel Tech has extensive experience and proven expertise to design, develop, manufacture and deliver advanced communications solutions for receptionist applications. We can create Holographical Reality™ solutions that provide a unique and impressive showcase of your corporate image at your visitor lobbies. In addition, TelePresence Tech can produce low cost reception stations using flat screen monitors to be positioned at low profile entrances. Our total solutions can reach out to receptionists at the Holographical Reality™ Studio systems or be routed to assigned staff members at their laptop or mobile devices. During off business hours the Holographical Reality™ reception systems can be routed to a security guard service.

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