Hotel Guests are welcomed over distance by a receptionist in a remote location

The Hotel Hospitality Desk improves your service to the guests and increases your productivity.

The latest technologies allow you to service your guests over distance, without compromising the level of service. On the contrary ! At times when your receptionist is busy or absent, a Remote Receptionist in another location connects in high quality video with the guests. Instantly and effortlessly. It suffices for the guest to touch the screen to establish the video connection. Or the system can be triggered by movement detection for an automatic connection. Or the receptionist in the remote location 'keeps an eye' on the lobbies that he or she is attending over distance (using video streaming technologies). He/she then makes the connection when the guest arrives in the lobby and welcomes the guest at the Front Desk.

The video-connections are secured and encrypted. Any document that is transfered over distance is treated in all security. You can opt to deploy your own private cloud server, not shared with others. The system uses the latest technologies and is not comparable with programs such as 'Skype' or video-conferencing or telepresence. Moreover, thanks to the patented concept for the Agent Workstation (i.e. computer used by the Remote Receptionist) he or she will appear with aligned eye-contact (looking the guest straight into the eyes and not above or below as is the case with conventional video-chats). The video & audio quality is high and without lipsynch problems or other aberrations that are sometimes associated with video communication. Yet, the bandwidth (network) requirements are low.

The system eliminates the idle time of the receptionists and it supports the receptionist who is busy 'by calling in a colleague from another location'. Waiting times and queuing can be a thing from the past.


The system is open to be linked with your existing ICT systems and databases. Reservations and payments can be integrated into the remote application. The remote receptionist can also print documents (such as invoices), issue magnetic keys, etc... In other words : everything that is requIred to provide the service over distance, can be offered to the guest. In addition to all this - optionally and if you wish to do so - your guest can contact the receptionist (using live video) from any location in the world; using their desktops or mobile. Or from the hotel room. This gives a new dimension to your service.

How YOU deploy this new technology into your processes, depends on your strategy. You could opt to only activate the screen when your receptionist is temporary unavailable. Or you could use the service at night. Or, you could use it 24/7. Or you could use only when there are queues and waiting lines. In all cases, the service to your will be impeccable. It is as personal as being there. Your receptionist is present when the guest is in need of service, but ONLY then.

With the system comes a complete reporting module. This allows you to run detailed statistical reports on what expired : who called, when, for how long, what where the waiting times, what was the guests' customer satisfaction rating, etc... This give you control and helps you to streamline your processes.


The 'Touch' is the 19' to 27' entry level model. It fits on top of your desk or against the wall. We ship this 'All in One' screen to you. You connect it to the internet and your ready to go. We also provide a link for the remote receptionists to use. No need to download software.

The 'Medium-Height Kiosk' is a wheel-chair friendly, floorstand device with a 32' touch display. The unit is very convenient to integrate peripheral equipment such as printers, scanners, payment terminals, etc..

The 'Holographic Kiosk' is the pinnacle of visual effect and it is our flagship model. You have probably not seen this before. The remote Receptionist appears as if really physically different. Most guests will not realize that the person in not in the same location. The appearance is very realistic : life-sized and in 3D. The receptionist is projected in mid-air (like 'holographically') and the screen nor the camera are visible. This adds to the illusion of presence : only the receptionist appears as if he/she would be standing behind the counter. This patented technology 'wows' the guests and is extremely well received.

These 3 standard models and the software can be customized to match your specific aesthetic and functional requirements. The systems are used under white label i.e your name.

Needless to say that - besides offering an excellent service to your guests - this solution saves a lot of money and has the potential to boost your productivity almost instantly and in sustainable manner.

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