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Best customer experience for service and sales over distance, thanks to aligned eye-contact call center workstations.

Genuine eye-contact is very important when it comes to personal communications: it establishes rapport and conveys trust. We have a range of solutions, that will enable you to ‘look your customer straight into the eyes’. All the workstations deploy some sort of eye-contact alignment mechanism.
The 'Workstations' are used by the ‘Service Agents’, who are providing the service to the Kiosk User, from their remote location. The Agents can appear in front of the Kiosk user either in 2D or in 3D. This depends on the Workstation and on the Kiosk.
In all cases, will the agents appear with aligned eye-contact.


For perfectly aligned eye-contact. This unit is simply placed on the desk. Available in two flavours : with integrated PC (100% self-containing application ) or as separate display unit which is to be connected to the existing computer of the Agent. On the screen, the Agent can conveniently gather all the content to be shared with the user in the remote location.Transmits and receives images in 2D (not 3D). Touchscreen and mouse-controlled. Supplied with camera and headset. Small footprint


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