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The Eye Contact Studio captures the video image of a presenter to appear with a professional quality typically only achieved in a broadcast television studio.

Genuine eye-contact is very important when it comes to personal communications: it establishes rapport and conveys trust. We have a range of solutions, that will enable you to ‘look your customer straight into the eyes’. All the workstations deploy some sort of eye-contact alignment mechanism.
The 'Workstations' are used by the ‘Service Agents’, who are providing the service to the Kiosk User, from their remote location. The Agents can appear in front of the Kiosk user either in 2D or in 3D. This depends on the Workstation and on the Kiosk.
In all cases, will the agents appear with aligned eye-contact.


The Eye Contact Studio assures that the presenter is captured on video by meeting the requirements of a professional television production studios. The quality of professional services are judged by what people see and the Eye Contact Studio delivers the optimal image. The agent can appear in 3D using Holographic Reality Display units, on 3D Kiosks, or on a desktop or mobile and always with genuine eye-contact. An LED light panel is held in position to provide soft lighting on the face of the presenter. This eliminates the shadows under the eyes that are a problem with typical room lighting.

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