Group live video collaboration in full 3D, without special glasses; for high-level business meetings.

The Systems have been designed for high-quality, one-to-one video communications as described in the other chapters of these applications. However, for those customers with specific applications, the Engines and the Virtual TeleportationTM display equipment can also be used for other applications, which are typically not 1-to-1 but for instance one-to-many or few-to-few. Some examples include.

Custom-built 'bespoke' solutions

Our Engineering department is at your service to design the systems in the way you want to ensure that they blend in functionally into your organisation and aesthetically into your environment, with your specific housestyle. Your imagination is the limit of what we can do. Below just a few of the dozens of tailor-made systems that we have built over the last decade.

Distant Training- Keynote speeches - Conferences

One person in a remote location addressing a whole Group of people in another location using a 'Podium'. There are two models 'Podium'. The 'fixed' one, and the mobile Podium (mounted on casters). In both cases, the remote person will appear as if physically present, standing behind a counter : life-sized, in 3D, no visible technology and with aligned eye-contact.

Executive Communications

Key executives can extend the reach of their personal influence by taking advantage of the Teleportel systems. They can attend meetings at international business locations and command attention through their life-size presence and eye contact. They can maximize the efficiency of their time by using the systems to instantly transmit to the location where they are needed without losing time travelling. Unlike video conference systems which cannot achieve eye contact, the Virtual Teleportation ™ systems bring the key-executives face-to-face with their customers, partners, peers or employees in a realistic life-size 3-D presence for personal communication. Their presence is as compelling and as effective as actually being there.

Collaboration Teams

Specialists from around the world have the ability to meet at the same table and work on the same project, as if they were in the same room. Including their documents, presentations and files. Data sharing and White Boards are seamlessly integrated in the collaboration process. This high-end concept is very effective in applications such as joint software development involving experts from different continents. The time-to-market is shortened considerably and substantial cost savings are achieved in the development process. Software companies can now mix programmers from 'the West' with programmers from the East (for instance Europe, US and India). This solutions avoids working days of 8 hours for projects involving Europe or US based expensive workforce, but enables working days of 18 hours of which 20 % based on salaries from 'The West' and 80 % from 'The East', e.g. from India. The total cost of the project goes down dramatically. The quality is ensured because the specialists 'are sitting in the same room'. Large software companies use this concept since many years and the ROI is simply phenomenal.

Larger Group Meetings

Larger groups of people (up to 10 per location) meeting over distance.Everybody appears in 3D and with aligned eye-contact like physically present in the room. Used by management groups. Including data sharing for presentations.


Teleworking allows workers to enjoy a better work and life balance. Both the individual and the company cut commuting costs and focus on work tasks. Teleworking means moving the work instead of the people. An effective mix of communication tools such as computers, phones and visual communication technologies, connected to the Internet make most of the daily trips to an office unnecessary, at least some of the days in a week. Many managers find that teleworking programs can bring a variety of benefits. Studies have shown that the right employee in the right program reacts positively to teleworking, and these positive feelings result in a more steady and productive workforce. Besides these obvious advantages of teleworking, it can also result in reduced office/car space and travel costs, offer more flexible work arrangements to attract and retain staff, more self-reliant and productive staff and of course the environmental benefits. Critical success factors to enable teleworking are : supportive management with managers able to manage employees on output rather than on input, selecting appropriate people and roles for teleworking (not suited for everyone) and last but not least two critical components where Teleportel brings unparalleled value to the table : first of all high-quality interaction between teleworkers and their colleagues and secondly a reliable visual communication interface.