Online HR recruitment and candidate selection facilities, attended over distance.

The Virtual TeleportationTM technology lends itself perfectly for HR applications such as Job Reviews, Assessments, Appraisals, Recruitment and Selection. The technology is superior to other video communication technologies because the remote person appears life-sized, in 3D and with aligned eye contact. Moreover, there is no visible technology : the camera and display are cleverly concealed. The end-result is that – for instance during a job interview- the candidate appears as if he or she would be sitting at the other side of the table. Literally. All the subtleties of body language, facial expressions and eye-contact are exactly the same as if the person would be in the same room. That is the reason why this technology is so powerfull for these applications : it is a 100% human centric solution – as opposed to a 'technology centric solution'.

For recruitment and selections, companies use the systems to get in touch with job candidates.

The recruitment 'kiosks' can – temporarily – be placed in universities, schools, shopping malls, libraries, etc…; in other words : locations where many potential candidates can be present at any given time. Or the system can be placed in remote locations such as unmanned or shared offices in shopping streets or other busy locations : this saves time for the candidate and for the recruiter. A clear indication on the wall or the door, invites potential candidates to enter the interview room.

Depending on the location, the recruiter opens the door over distance or the door is always open. And depending on the organisational structure of the recruiter's company, the interviews are planned and thus pre-scheduled (appointment) or they can be ad-hoc in which case the candidate simply walks in. When entering the room, the candidate sees a video clip (automatically triggered by motion detection) inviting him or her to push the appropriate button. Depending on the job choice of the candidate makes – the call will be connected to different recruiters. The routing and connection is completely automatic.

A first interview typically takes 15 or 20 minutes. Following this initial meeting, the HR Recruiter has enough information to either to terminate the review with the candidate or to see him or her a second time.

The recruitment kiosks are equiped with a document camera to scan the resume or other document of the candidate. The Recruiter shows data, video clips, etc…over distance and prints documents for the candidate to sign or take with him.

The interviews can be recorded, with the consent of the candidate. This video clip can subsequently be used to show to other people involved in the recruitment process. This way, a video 'short list' can be created whereby the people evaluating the candidate have the 'luxury' to review the interview and get a good impression of the candidate. This certainly improves the quality of the recruitment process.

A special program called 'Talent from the Tree' places systems in schools and universities. The students are informed and invited via Facebook. During the breaks or after school, the students can simply walk into a room with sufficient privacy and have a short, private and confidential interview with a recruiter. The student may be looking for an internship, a temporary job during the Holidays, or a more permanent employment. This way, companies can get in touch with potential candidates, before they have even entered the labour market. In other words : Talent from the Tree.

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