Develop additional recurring revenue streams, differentiate your offerings and strengthen your relationships with your customers by offering truly unique video- based solutions.

Teleportel has been in the business of advanced video-based ICT solutions since 2001 and is undisputed market leader in this specialized market segment . We are interested in entering into long-term relationships with premier suppliers of advanced ICT solutions whereby video plays an important role in the solution for the end-user. The Teleportel portfolio of self-developed software and patented hardware products is truly unique as we do not offer off-the- shelve solutions. The technologies can be used 'as-is' but have also been designed to be open for integration and customization to meet exactly the requirements of the end-users, in many different applications. This not only extends your scope and market reach but will also positively affect your margins and add substantial value to your offerings.

Depending on your resources, skills and strategy you can choose to act as :


Your role is limited to promoting the product to your customers and to provide the lead to Teleportel. Teleportel engages in a direct relationship with your customer. Teleportel delivers and sends the invoice directly to the end-user and you receive your affiliate fee. In case of software, that is every month again. This recurring income stream for software products, will continue as long as the end-user is paying Teleportel for the software services. As an affiliate, you do not have any commercial nor technical nor legal risk or liability because you do not take title of the product and you do not engage into the transaction.

Value Added Reseller

Our VAR partners provide end-to- end solutions, often including both hardware and software. Not only do VARs sell and implement but they also support and train customers. They add value in the form of hardware, software, services, etc… to what they source from Teleportel and from third parties. The Teleportel technologies make the solution very different from any competitor.


Our OEM program is designed for companies that embed and integrate the Teleportel solutions into their own offerings. You extend your core applications while reducing development risk and cost. Being an OEM partner not only offers a great opportunity for new software and services revenues, but it also provides added value and upsell opportunities for your existing client base. Not the mention the differentiator benefits you will enjoy by deploying these unique technologies.


Typical Teleportel projects offer excellent opportunities for services revenue throughout all phases of the delivery cycle. If you provide consulting, project management, systems design, integration support and implementation services for enterprise solutions, becoming a Teleportel partner can significantly impact your business and make your offering very different from that of your competitors.

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