Best possible customer experience through retail kiosks with self-service capabilities and live customer support over distance.

OASSISTM is an all all-on-one Video Retail System, based on the video contact center System AVICCSTM.

Solutions are available to achieve the presence of life-sized people in stores nationwide for product promotion and sales support. The three dimensional qualities of the systems in store displays are extremely effective at catching the attention of prospective customers. Prerecorded or computer generated figures can be digitally streamed to stores for round the clock promotion and advertising. Through the interactive capabilities of the systems, interested customers could select to have a live conversation with a sales or service representative. Through a national center, the sales representative would be connected to the store to engage in face-to-face interaction with the customer. The systems provide direct contact with a technical expert or business manager that may be necessary to complete a sales transaction. The retail kiosks can be customized to suit the house-style and architecture of the store. The same system the remote person appears on, can be used to show stunning, HD 3D animated images. We can provide the 3D content – such as logos, real or virtual images - or show you how to create this content. Using dedicated software, the 3D content distribution and scheduling can be automated and be sent over the Internet.

The kiosk can be equiped with a document camera : this way the customer can present a document or object and the remote sales or service agent can subsequently scan and save the picture of the object or the document. The remote agent shows data and video clips to the shopper or customer or prints documents such as contracts, proposals, offers, etc... The consumer can make payments and use his smartphone to activate the built-in scanner of the kiosk (for instance to activate bar-code coupons). The consumer also has the possibility to view prerecorded content answering FAQ or explaining features about products or services, by simply touching the display. The kiosks can aesthetically be integrated in the decor of the store and can be integrated in existing racks. This reduces the required footprint to a strict minimum.

In retail business, staff turnover with subsequent loss of knowhow is a frequent issue. Training and development of workforce requires time, energy and money. With OASSISTM, this problem can be tackled effectively. The Service or Sales Agents can be trained using actual recordings of previous live calls. This way, the company can improve the processes to keep the knowledge available within the company.

Also, when a person leaves the company (in one store for instance), he or she can easily be replaced – on the fly - by another person 'from another location'. Lockouts or strikes can also be dealt with in a more effective way. Pandemic and personal security risks are reduced to a strict minimum because the service and sales agents are in fact in a safe and remote location.

The Kiosk is as effective as having somebody behind the counter. But the big difference – and benefit of the system – is that 'back office' personnel or sales and service co-workers are always available when a customer is in need of service. But only on demand and when necessary. In other words, : the co-workers are at the service of the shoppers and consumers in many different locations, in the course of one single day. Moreover, their idle time (waiting for a customer) is vastly reduced or eliminated alltogether. The bottom line ? Lower operational costs, higher sales and improved customer service.

'Holographical Reality™' offers unprecedented possibilities for retail. This brings the user experience to a whole new level. Visit this page for more information.
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