& Service Level Agreement

The strategy of the supplier is to work through resellers for Sales and for Service to the customers. The supplier can be called upon to install systems on-site, or the reseller can choose to do so. However, the supplier does not have the infrastructure to provide on-site maintenance services. Instead, the supplier has put a Partner Service Support Program in place to support the resellers providing Maintenance and Support services to the end-users.

The Remote Software maintenance (updates, upgrades, patches, support) is made available directly by the Supplier in all countries. The reseller is typically not involved. The Hardware Support is to be organized in concertation with the local Reseller.

This page does not constitute a legal Agreement but is merely a general overview for information purposes only.

The Partner Service Support Program (PSSP)

The PSSP enables the local Reseller to provide adequate service to the customer (i.e. the end-user).

The aim is two-fold : ensuring customer (end-user) satisfaction and generate extra income and increased margins for the Reseller by offering Maintenance & Support to the customers. The Reseller will perform the onsite maintenance interventions. On an on-going basis, the Supplier will support the Reseller by offering following Services, as integral part of the PSSP :

  • The ‘Reception Kiosks’ are equipped with a ‘Remote Diagnostics Module’, enabling the Supplier to diagnose and intervene remotely. Remote Network Access is required.
  • Routine, systematic system monitoring and informing the Reseller of the findings if required.
  • Initial, remote troubleshooting when a malfunction occurs
  • Assistance and guidance of the Reseller technician (remote support)
  • Technical training (troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance). This training is provided at time of the installation of the system.
  • Service Manuals (in the English language only)
  • Provision of an R.S.L. (Recommended Spares Listing) i.e. a list of spare parts to be acquired for the local service inventory.
  • Replace the defective spare parts which have been swapped on-site by the reseller
  • Special Provisions for ‘Mission Critical Systems’ are optional and are subject to a separate arrangement (see below)


The customer will :

  • Issues or malfunctions caused by unqualified use in a way that is not conform with the suppliers specifications of use or environmental conditions. These specific instructions are provided at time of training of the equipment.
  • Ensure availability of suitable network connection (specs provided by supplier)
  • Notify the supplier of issues and problems in a timely manner by using the dedicated Help Me link (password secured)
  • Follow the instructions provided by the supplier and provide prompt feedback in response to the instructions and actions.
  • Keep the supplier informed about potential changes to its System; including network changes.
  • Grant remote network access for support over distance


The Reseller is responsible to

  • Provide the local hardware on-site services (both corrective and preventive)
    That includes : troubleshooting and – if necessary - swapping defective Parts, Components or FRU’s (Field Replaceable units)
  • Ensure the availability of skilled, trained hardware staff
  • Follow the technical training provided by the Supplier
  • Ensure availability of spare parts and FRU (based upon the R.S.L. or Recommended Spares List, made available by the Supplier to the Reseller on a per-system basis)


The supplier will perform specific activities as described below.


The Supplier will diagnose remotely (both systematically - on a routine basis - and incidentally when a malfunction occurs), will perform system monitoring and will instruct the customer or reseller to take appropriate actions to diagnose or to remedy.

The Supplier provides technical training to the reseller (See ‘Partner Service Support Program’) at time of installation.This training is compulsory. The Reseller is responsible to provide the onsite hardware services (both preventive and corrective) based upon the instructions of the Supplier.

The Reseller will perform Preventive Maintenance if that is compulsarily required by the Vendors of the hardware components. (this excludes cosmetic maintenance such as keeping the unit clean on the outside, which is a responsibility of the customer).

In case of hardware failure, the Reseller will replace the defective unit or Component by an equivalent spare-part or Field replaceable Unit. The reseller is responsible to purchase spare parts and to maintain adequate inventory levels to ensure the required level of service.

Very occasionally, the Supplier may go onsite for technical interventions but this is clearly by exception and is not the general rule.


The software agreement is pursuant to theTerms of the Software Licensing Agreement https://www.teleportel.com/user-agreement and is considered to be an integral part of the latter.

Skilled labour is included.

The software monitoring and maintenance are provided remotely – via the Internet.

Installation of software patches, fixes, updates and upgrades required to keep the system operational. Ensure compatibility between software and hardware.

Proactively inform customer about potential or current problems and provide advise.
Programmatical changes to the content such as updating screen layouts which have been provided by the customer (the actual design changes are not included. Content of slides -i.e. Screen layouts – can be provided at 45,00 €/slide/screen).


Monitor server event logs to identify potential problems and inform the customer accordingly and in a timely fashion.

Ensure certification for Security (SSL / https:)

General Server Maintenance. Ensure compatibility between the Server Software and the software / hardware of the individual components (Kiosk and Agent Workstation).

Disaster Recovery Service : switch to different server in case of server outage (contingency).


When the customer (end-user) reports a malfunction to the Reseller, the Reseller will inform the supplier by logging this call, using only this link http://www.teleportel.com/helpme. The private password will be provided separately. Reporting problems via other channels such as email and telephone, will lead to unnecessary delays and added waiting times.

At time of reporting the problem, the supplier will investigate the reported issue within maximum 2 to 4 working hours (response time) - typically a lot shorter - by Remote Diagnostics and respond accordingly. In many cases, the issues will be resolved by the supplier over distance. In case of network problems, the customer is to be informed. In case of hardware problems, the local reseller needs to dispatch a qualified technician for an onsite intervention, supported by the supplier.


Are excluded from this SLA

  • Issues or malfunctions caused by unqualified use in a way that is not conform with the suppliers specifications of use or environmental conditions. These specific instructions are provided at time of training of the equipment.
  • Unauthorized changes to the configuration or set-up of the equipment, software or services or moving the equipment without prior approval. The customer is not allowed access to the computers integrated within the equipment.
  • Damages and malfunctions caused by external causes such as, but not limited to, : fire, water, floods, smoke, war, riots, strike, nuclear interference, liquids, acts of God, etc
  • All ‘passive’ components : metal or plastic body work of Kiosk, chassis, glass.
  • Consumables such as paper, ribbons, toner,...
  • Everything not listed in this Agreement


The fees for PSSP will be made available on a per-configuration basis (i.e. based upon the specs and the Bill of Material and List of Software Options).

One-Time costs are predominantly for installation of the equipment, training and the acquisition of spare-parts. Any occasional onsite interventions that may be required, will be invoiced on a per-call basis (time, travel and possibly materials). This is only in exceptional cases.

The Monthly Support fees are Invoiced quarterly, for the coming 3 months and are payable in the beginning of that period. This price includes : software licensing, software maintenance (remote diagnostics, updates, upgrades, support) and any separately agreed upon hardware back-up services that may be agreed upon on a case by case basis (see Mission Critical Systems).

Support will be provided during ‘European’ office working hours. These are also referred to as ‘standard hours’ and are Monday through Friday, 08:00- 17:00 (excluding Official Holidays and Bank Holidays). Deviation from these standard hours are subject to separate arrangements.


For Systems and Applications that require higher service levels and maximum systems’ availability (i.e. Mission Critical Systems), the Supplier and the Partner in concertation with the end-user may decide upon extra measures to be taken. These measures may include :

  • Ensuring that the enduser has an effective fall-back plan in place, in case of unlikely, exceptional, extended down-times. This contingency plan may include use of manpower on a temporary basis (i.e. instead of automated or remote reception activities), extra back-up systems, onsite spare parts, redundant network infrastructure, first line intervention self-service capabilities, etc…
  • The Reseller may decide to train extra technical staff, ensure shorter response times and stock additional spare parts or Field Replaceable units
  • The supplier may decide to keep extra spare parts or systems available.
  • For certain system components, it may be decided to source the equipment locally in order to allow fast, specialized maintenance by the local vendor/supplier.


  • Notices. All notices permitted or required under this contract shall be in writing and shall be delivered in person, by confirmed facsimile transmission or by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested, and shall be deemed given upon personal delivery, receipt of confirmed facsimile transmission or five (5) days after deposit in the mail. Notices shall be sent to the Managing Director.
  • Force Majeure. Neither party shall be liable hereunder by reason of any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder, except for the payment of money, on account of strikes, shortages, riots, insurrection, fires, flood, storm, explosions, acts of God, war, governmental action, labor conditions, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, nuclear interference, material shortages or any other cause which is beyond the reasonable control of such party.
  • Confidentiality. The terms of this contract shall be maintained in the strictest confidence by both parties and shall not be disclosed to any third party, and shall not be used by either party other than to fulfill its obligations of this contract. Both parties shall take all necessary measures to prevent disclosure of the terms of this contract by its employees, directors, shareholders, trading partners or any other person or company.
  • Waiver. No waiver of any breach of this contract shall be effective unless in writing. The failure of either party to require performance by the other party of any provision hereof shall not affect the full right to require such performance at any time thereafter, nor shall the waiver by either party of a breach of any provision hereof constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach of any provision.
  • Severability. If any portion of this contract is determined to be or becomes unenforceable or illegal, suchportionshallbe (i) modifiedtobe made enforceable and legal in such a manner as to best effectuate the intent of the parties, or (ii) deemed eliminated where such modification is not practicable; the remainder of this contract shall remain in effect in accordance with its terms as modified by such modification or deletion.
  • Assignment. This contract shall not be assigned, transferred, or encumbered by either party without the prior written consent of the other party,which shall not be reasonably withheld. Any attempted assignment, transfer or encumbrance in violation of this section shall be void.
  • Controlling Law. this contract shall be governed by the Belgian Law and the venue will be the Courts of Brussels.