Software Development Strategy

Teleportel provides hardware and software 'off the shelve', using designs and engineering based upon two decades of experience. These building blocks are not experimental or speculative technology but are robust and proven. This Teleportel Suite encompasses 54 specialized building blocks for reception applications and cover the lionshare of todays' needs.

However, in certain cases, the customer is in need of customized software, hardware, applications and integration with existing IT infrastructure.

Our main objective is a very long-term relationship with our customers. We are not interested in maximizing the duration and cost of the development phase; in fact the opposite is true. When we have committed to a scope and work and a budget (both in time and money), we stick to it.

Over the years, Teleportel has developed its own methodology.

These are the 5 Teleportel practices:

Teleportel organizes the programming cycle in different phases which are all executed as 'sprints' (not as marathons) and delivers software with a strong preference of short timescales. We aim at satisfying the customer by providing early and continuous delivery of software developed exactly to meet the requirements.


Our processes harness change. The Teleportel team understands that a customer is not aware of its own future requirements and expectations, especially in a rapidly changing environment. We welcome changing requirements, even if they are requested late in the development cycle.


In our approach it is imperative that 'business people' (i.e. the customer – users) and the Teleportel developers work together, almost on a daily basis, throughout the project. We prefer and strongly recommend face to face conversations over heavily documented requirements descriptions.


Our focus is on simplicity, in everything we do : both in the GUI / UX (user) as in the actual project. We have learnt that eliminating waste is a key strategy : it is as important to understand what the customer does not really need. In other words, we maximize the work not being done.


The Teleportel development team is self-organizing. A typical team has maximum 3 highly skilled technical professionals : for the front end, for the program process and for the back-end. Simple projects require only 1 or 2 developers. The developers are of the highest level and possess many years of first-hand experience. Their expertise is 'in the top of the skills pyramid', we do not work with juniors. The software, tools and programming languages used are state-of-the-art and follow the latest, proven trends. The team and its members reflect permanently on how to continuously improve and become more effective.