Our customers exist of multinationals, government departments and companies looking for solutions for live video communication. Our systems have been shipped to 28 countries worldwide.

Meet and interact with many individuals; one-by-one, privately and personally, in a very short span of time. Completely automatically.


Join the session, select your search criteria and push one button : START. The system scans all those who meet your search criteria. These individuals are connected with you, one after the other. The system automatically disconnects after a pre-set duration ( 6 or 10 minutes) and re-connects automatically with the next person. This goes on and on, untill you will have talked to all the available individuals or untill you decide to terminate the session. You will meet up to 10 individuals in the course of one hour. By simply pushing one button !


Full-automatic connections. No software download required. Share presentations and desktops. Text chats and sending documents are standard features.


Saving time. Networking. Meeting new employees, new suppliers, new customers ,.. and keeping up with existing business relations.

Business Rational

Saves time and money. For virtual fairs, online tradeshows and exhibitions : meet dozens of suppliers or potential customers in a few hours. Organize 'Online open-house events' whereby your co-workers meet customers. Also suitable for announcements. recruitment and selection : meet dozens of applicants in a few hours. All from your desk.

The following clips are in Dutch only and were made for the VDAB in Belgium.

De VDAB lancering

Gebruik door Recruiter

Gebruik door sollicitant