Many of the Teleportel applications are mission critical and used intensively, 24/7. Down-time needs to be kept to a strict minimum. When malfunctions occur, instant support and service are essential.

Most of the applications are operating unattendedly: no one is around to keep an eye on the process or to operate the system.

The system needs to offer the best possible user experience: it should behave and act exactly as if a real person would be present to service the customer. The Human Avatar (see home page www.teleportel.com) is programmed to do that. However, for more complex services to the customer, other machines and devices may need to be integrated into the process.

In some of the cases - once a live video connection with a remote agent has been established - that agent needs to control and operate equipment in the location where the customer is using the service.

With all this in mind, Teleportel has developed M.A.R.S.(tm) (Machine Automation and Remote Support). Similar to the Roover on the Red Planet, the system enables executing intelligent activities completely authonomously and it allows effective communication with the Control Center.

M.A.R.S.(tm) achieves the following:
- instant technical interventions over distance for cost-effective and fast diagnostics and repairs.
- interacting and integrating with electrical peripheral equipment in its environment.
For example : activating light or audio signals, opening/closing doors or gates or barriers, controlling conveyor belts or weighing machines, triggering alerts, etc...

More information in this leaflet : DOWNLOAD M.A.R.S.

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