Best customer experience for service and sales over distance, thanks to aligned eye-contact call center workstations.

The human website-robot takes next step in customer service.

1. Tailor-made video-program services customers in the same way a real person does.

2. Acts completely automatically and connects the customer with a remote, live person when needed.

3. Integrated with ICT systems and peripheral equipment for autonomous and lifelike operation.

The Omni-Agent

'Human Avatar' First of its kind.

The Omni-Agent is available for 2D displays, for 3D Virtual Teleportation displays and also for the website. Thanks to this multi-channel approach your services can be available anywhere, 24/7 and without interruption.

The system offers a fully automatic, personalized service to users, without human involvement. The Omni-Agent is not digital but is 'human' and looks and sounds like a real person. It interacts with your customer, just like a highly-skilled, knowledgeable and friendly co-worker would do. Often better. Thanks to this, the users accept this form of automation as a viable alternative for a real person. We take this as far as is necessary to maximize the customer experience. The Omni-Agent reads user identification, interprets and processes inputs initiated by the user and responds accordingly. It prints, scans, instructs and interacts with the user in an intelligent way. It integrates with company databases and it steps aside to connect with a live agent in a remote location when required. This advanced, automated and fully-interactive 'self-service' system results in breakthrough results in terms of cost cutting and service improvement. The Omni-Agent is configured and programmed to suit your specifc needs and requirements.

Compatible with almost 2 billion users.